Ganesh with a breathing pipe trunk

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a) In the TV series Ancient Aliens presented by Giorgiou Tsoukalis, a man who is one of the many fans of Alien, Aliens, and indeed Prometheus and indeed HR Giger. A question asked is if the Hindu god Ganesh was an extra-terrestrial visitor wearing breathing apparatus that might have been mistaken for an elephant's head and trunk. The space jockey was sometimes described as having a head like an elephant. The comic books made this even more so by having the breathing pipe attached to it's nose area look like an elephant trunk. The skull was roughly elephantine perhaps.

b) Giger created strange humanoid heads with breathing pipes extending from the nasal cavity. (See Space Jockey's Evolution via Gigers Necronomicon part 2) The Engineer's suits in Prometheus supposed to be the same as the space jockeys from Alien were humans with helmets roughly like the head of the space jockey but were made more like an elephantine due to different aesthetic choices.

Engineer with helmet in Prometheus

c) However it seems that in a preview for Ancient Aliens, a stature was shown showing a Ganesh with segmented breathing pipe in place of a trunk, ending in a bowl in such  way that it resembled a breathing filter. The thing is presented as a genuine ancient relic, whether it is or it isn't.

Ganesh sculpture

detail from above

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  1. The film Prometheus near the end shows the alien put in his helmet and it looks like Ganesh. The film was actually rewritten and dumbed down but some moffits of the original intent is still there!