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Brian Muir

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(The interviewer Big Phil talks quickly with a strong Irish accent and so I as the transcriber can't actually understand every word that he says. Therefore all assumed words rather than actually known are highlighted in green italics)

Interviewer: …the next one Alien, I mean there's so many different contrasting visuals, when you have the work of H R Giger, and then you have as we've specifically dealt with, the alien space craft and the mixed look of the alien, and then you have the look of the Nostromo itself, I mean obviously your work in that film is unbelievable, what parts were you specifically involved in with Ridley Scott

Brian Muir:I had absolutely no involvement with Ridley Scott, but worked closely with, er, Giger.


Brian Muir: Erm, with the space jockey, the set where the space jockey were, erm, the guy that worked on the space jockey with me, a guy called Peter Voysey, very talented, we… we did that together, he did the eggs that were in that… that set as well, together we did the alien... the entrances to the alien spacecraft, erm, I did mention the material we worked from.

:Yes, erm

Brian Muir: Which I wont go into

Interviewer:Yes, I was er, on some of the mixture/exterior (?), but I mean the look of the alien spacecraft someone had to, that particular scene, the space jockey, I remember watching in documentaries where Fox studios couldn't believe there was that amount of work going into this one particular set that would only be on screen for literally a few seconds, the full sound set, and then I understand that they had miniatures, or what they wanted worked for a miniature and then they actually built full scale and actually had children playing the actual parts of the characters

Brian Muir
:That's, that's correct but it wasn't actually as big as it originally was going to be , it was cut down although it was still a big set that went right around the stage and space jockey was in the centre, but it's amazing how quickly we do work in the film industry, the two of us only spent four weeks to carve the whole space jockey which is pretty quick, in fact I know it's just been recarved for the new Alien picture and there was a crew of six of them and it took them three months

: Well, have you got involved in the new Alien picture at all, obviously because it's referencing what has gone on before

Brian Muir:I was asked to go on it but I was out in America and when I come back I was asked to go out on a film called Dark Shadows with Tim Burton, and erm, I decided to do that one, I was hearing stories of what was happening on the Alien film and it didn't sound too good, so I stayed away from it.

: Well, I can understand that, I mean, Alien now being registered a true classic of science fiction and horror cinema, first thing, sometimes when they do redo a film or go back to one many years, it doesn't capture the same imagination and enjoyment the original audience had.

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