Time Warp Interview Brian Muir , Scifi Now #52

Brian Muir 2011
Extracts related to Alien, from Scifi Now #52 May 2011 , p115
  1. You also helped sculpt the mysterious space jockey seen in Ridley Scott's Alien. What was it like working with surrealist artist HR Giger?
    I have fond memories of working with Giger. He explained to me and my colleague Peter Voysey that the pilot and cockpit were as one, as if merged together. They jockey was modelled in clay, and then cast in clear resin. The remainder of the structure and telescope were carved in polystyrene, and applied to a wooden armature. When finished, it was a remarkable structure which stood 28 feet tall. Although Giger struggled with some frustrating elements of the film making process, he was pleased with our work, and I found him to be a very pleasant man.  (quote used in The Space Jockey design as it is in Alien)

  2. What else have you been up to?
    I carved architectural details for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, and was set to return to Giger's Alien world before production was cancelled; a shame, as I would have enjoyed working with him again.

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