Prometheus: Engineer's Technology

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There was the idea that the people who inhabited the planet that they visit in Prometheus have technology is beyond anything that we're able to or understand, but the design team had to make it visually interesting.

source quotes
  1.  L'Ecran Fantastique: À propos, les space jockeys ont-ils un vrai nom

    Ben Procter: Nous avons fini par les appeler "les ingénieurs", parce qu'ils ont implanté des  formes de vies humanoides dans toute la galaxy (L'Ecran Fantastique Hors Série no 16. p31)

    : Ecran Fantastique: About the space jockeys do they have a real name?

    Ben Procter: We ended up calling them "engineers" because they have implemented humanoid lifeforms throughout the galaxy
  2. Arthur Max: The people who inhabit this planet, called the Engineers, and their technology, is beyond anything we’re able to know or understand, but it has to be visually interesting. (Source:, 18th April 2012)

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