Ridley says "Better than..."

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a) "Better than..."
Ridley Scott can be found to tell people that something or other is better than so in so. His "Better than..." statements might be something from his Northern England background.
b) Alien
He wouldn't call the beast in Alien a monster because he was better than that

c) Prometheus
 A design for Fifield that looked like a goblin,  Richard Scanlan says he looks a bit like Gollum, but Ridley goes on to say, it's better, it's better than a Gollum

d) Alien: Paradise Lost
Someone asks Ridley is David the android is going to spend an entire movie as a disembodied head and he responds "It's going to be better than that"

  1. Ridley Scott: I don't like calling him a monster. He's better than that (Time Out, 7-13 September 1979) 
  2. Arthur Max: It's a goblin
    Ridley Scott: It's got a goblin.. Somehow it's a goblin.
    Richard Scanlan: It looks a bit like Gollum, Doesn't it?
    Ridley Scott: Yeah . It's better, it's better than Gollum actually (Prometheus Documentary, The Furious Gods: Under The Pyramid: LV-223 )
  3. But onto the big question: can we really expect Michael Fassbender to spend an entire movie as a disembodied head? “It’s going to be better than that,” chuckled Scott. “It’s a very nice big idea I’ve got. It’s really great. You’re going to have to wait...( 25th September 2015 http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=45507)

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