King Pakal falling backwards

There is the King Pakal is falling backwards into the mouth of Xebalba. More humans depicted like the one in the Pakal Votan tomb lid can be found in other artwork not depicting anything like a spacecraft, the figure from Kerr photo number 3422 seen reclining on a platform in a similar strange position. Then in Kerr photo number K7146, a dwarf reclining on a water lily pads spread out across the head of the water lily monster, which certainly isn't an engine for a space craft.
  1. Pakal appears to be tumbling at an angle on the head of the Monster of the Sun, also a symbol of his transition from life into death. His loincloth and his heavy jade collar (both the front and back are depicted on the stone) seem to be floating away from his body. His knees are flexed, his hands relaxed. His face is calm because he expects to defeat death. A bone piercing Pakal's nose symbolizes that even death carries in it the seed of rebirth. In the Maya dialects, "bone" and "large seed" are synonymous. Thus, the bone is the seed of Pakal's resurrection. In the end, Pakal falls as a deity with the smoking knife of God K embedded in his forehead. He was a god in life, and a god when falling into death."(Taken from :

Detail from vase from photo : Kerr number 3422
Detail from photo Kerr Number Kerr Number: 1184.  Resurrection of infant in the otherworld. 
The calendar round could denote the years AD756 or AD808  (source
(Actually the person lying back appears to be undergoing a transformation into an animal.)

Detail from photo Kerr Number 7146, a dwarf blowing conch shell while lying on bed of water lily
pads which is sitting on head of water lily monster (Long nosed skeletal with lily pads emanating 
 from top of head) (source:

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