Prometheus: Wreckless behaviour
as catalyst for further events.

leading from

a) In Tomb of the Cybermen, Kaftan begins pulling one lever after another trying to make something happen despite getting one of the party into trouble and being warned from touching anything by another of the explorers Viner who is part of the expedition. She accidently entraps the Doctor's assistant Victoria is a revitalisation sarcophagus when the lid suddenly slams shut on it. She goes back to pushing the levers again as soon as Viner has left the room, and starts playing with the projector controls in the chamber that could potentially have again put Victoria at risk and but the Doctor catches her and stops her.

b) In another chamber, a panel suddenly becomes active and another of the explorers, Haydon, can't decide which button to push first button despite the protests of the Doctor's assistant Jamie, and so Haydon pulls a lever setting off a hypnotic device in the wall that appears to be a target range,  Jamie idiotically then himself goes ahead and pulls another lever perhaps his own better judgement activating weapons testing chamber, the two are drawn by the hypnotic light target range and Haydon finds himself in the way of a test gun that comes out of the wall and, before the Doctor can come in to stop the device, Haydon is shot dead in the back.

David finds a panel on the wall
And discovers goo
he notices some strange goo on the panel that has glowing particles
The hieroglyphs light up as he pushes the button, it must be doing something right
David and the others in the corridor
the holographic display starts up in the corridor
Holographic spectres of Engineers running along the corridors
Holographic spectres of Engineers running along the corridors and David

c) In Prometheus, David the android recklessly explores the hieroglyphs on the wall discovering a gelatinous substance with glittering particles within it, and punching them like control buttons sets off a holographic recording of the Engineers last moment in the corridor that plays showing them running along with something wailing in the background that might be there or just might be part of the film's sound track. The hologram shows one of the Engineers falling over and being decapitated by a falling door and so this hologram leads to the discovery of the decapitated body of one of these engineers.

David finds another hieroglyph panel and punches at the symbols

He continues going against Shaw's better judgement

Before long he has opened the door to a chamber potentially jeopardizing the mission

d) Again without being asked starts dangerously attempting to open the door by touching more hieroglyphs to see if they do something, Elizabeth Shaw says "Wait we don't know what's on the other side", the door opens and he apologises with a "woops, sorry" when it's too late, which leads into a chamber full of urns. And because of these seemingly idiotic actions along with the fact that these people idiotically take their helmet's off or the door has been opened that starts off a reaction leading to the tops of the urns in a room appearing to melt and black fluid pours out. Harmless worm like creatures in the ground around suddenly begin to mutate into something much more vicious

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