Alien: Moebius' Alien spaceship concepts for Alien part 2

a) Moebius concept sketches for Ridley Scott, that remained safe in the drawer of Jean-Marc L'Officer who would later discovered them there and published them in Ashcan Comics #4

Moebius concept sketch for ridley scotts Alien

published in the catalogue of the Exposition Miyazaki-Moebius 

at the Musée de la Monnaie in Paris, 2004.

b) Derelict inspired by Chris Foss derelict and  Space 1999 Eagle Transporter?
The upper drawing is perhaps a concept for the derelict, one might compare it to Foss's elongated Derelict ship and take notice of the raised neck on the left 

 Moebius sketch of derelict #1 (File scanned by Jean-Marc L'Officier)

black and white image of Foss' derelict with
raised neck from Skeleton Crew August, 1990

c) Comparison between to Eagle Transporter
One can also make a comparison to the Eagle Transporter from the hit TV series Space 1999 originally aired from 1975-1977 because the central compartment looks very much like the removable passenger capsule/ service pod located in the middle the Eagle Transporter in the hit TV series Space 1999 that was aired from 1975-1977. The toy version of this spacecraft by Dinky features opening stairways in the side of the passenger pod. And at the rear the of the ship in the drawing are bulbous sections with a grid that also vaguely resemble the sort of shape used as a cockpit of the Eagle Transporter.

Eagle transporter from Space 1999

d) Moebius Derelict is combination of at least two Foss derelicts
The lower drawing of a derelict ship takes inspiration from Chris Foss' derelict ships. 
Compare the windows on the front pod of the ship to the pod extending from the front of the above Chris Foss derelict ship that resembles a prawn or lobster with it's head sticking out towards the right and also compare it to the derelict by the Chris Foss shown at the bottom which that has a central body positioned vertically with its tail in the air connected by pylons to large bulbous engines buried in the ground. So it is a combination between at least two.

 Moebius sketch of derelict #2 (File scanned by Jean-Marc L'Officier)

Chris Foss Derelict

source quotes
  1. Jean-Marc L'Officier: -- and I printed two small b&w spaceship designs (which I found in an old drawer) in ASHCAN COMICS #4.(( 11th, February 2000)

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