July 2013

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24th July 2013
The Claw Room environment.

23rd July 2013
This is something I've been wondering about, a brief reference back in 1979 to Giger talking about "Cosmic Incubation" and I wondered what that was all about, nothing more about that for 34 years until the Alien Diaries was released. Well, now I know.

22nd July 2013
Just a page to boil down the information being offered by Ridley in discussion about the idea of God and and the connection with Paradise Lost.

14th July 2013
Another possible older relative of Giger's Space Jockey? "Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope" by Salvador Dali 1974. The holoelectronic miscroscope is similarily held up by three supports from "The conquest of the Cosmos" portfolio, if one thinks about Giger's Space Jockey with three sets of prongs for supports on the phallic telescope

8th July 2013
The Realism Of Giler And Hills Earlier

5th July 2013
1) Further exploration of Giger's concept for the dead space jockey on the planetoid landscape. Giger's Alien diaries brings some new information to the surface.
2) Just found a much larger detailed image of Ernst Fuchs "Vision" from 1953 showing a head on the angel that well resembles a starting point for the face of Necronom IV. Elongated Head Apparitions By Way Of Ernst Fuchs

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