August 2013

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Friday 30th August 2013
1. The Alien Spore Loose Representation Of The Old Ones
2. Hellboy 2 Concept Art by Del Toro

Thursday 29th August 2013
Lovecraft's Illustrations 

Monday 26th August 2013
Inspired by Cronenberg's Shivers?

24th August 2013
Dalekman61 at the AVPGalaxy forum came up with an image that's rather worrying in terms of Prometheus' Deacon. The shape of the head with the back point looks very similar to a Glenn A Larson's Alien Family Dinner cartoon featuring the Aliens from 10-5-1986. See: Gary Larson and Deacon's Pointed Head

23rd August 2013
I've begun a Lexicon page giving strange words and terms used and sometimes invented in conjunction with the Alien films leading to pages explaining their use as far as possible. Of course more entries will be added as I go along

18th August 2013
Here we go, I've been burning the midnight oil to get this finally done. And edited down version will follow shortly.

10th August 2013
Another page I have been working on is one about the film Event Horizon and the way it has been discussed in the interviews in relation to Alien. See:

9th August 2013
Presently I am working the section in my blog about the time the script gets into Walter Hill's hands which he and David Giler attempt to rewrite and then it gets into Alan Ladd's "Weekend Read" before being accepted. It's another difficult one to work on because parts of the story sources are somewhat fragmented as usual leading to the reports of the event being a slight blur if one wants a detailed report. But I suppose that is getting as clear as we may get it and I am continuing on with it. I wish I had a photograph of the window through which the script was passed through. See: Script through the window

4th August 2013
I've finally written the article assembled from Ridley Scott's quotes about industrial paranoia and the company's need to use robot spies. I suppose it is still a bit abstract as with much of the Alien mythos, but maybe there might be more to find and add to it. Still don't have an obvious source for the industrial conglomerates concept. See: Industrial Paranoia

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