November 2013

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Wednesday 27th November 2013
Added a section about Dan O'Bannon's reported experience with synchronicity which he refers to in an issue of The Face from April 1986  as Idea Parallelism to the section dealing with David Cronenberg's experience with synchronicity and his view that O'Bannon stole ideas from his movie Shivers . Eventually this page will have to be broken down separating the discussions about synchronicity from the claims that O'Bannon took from Shivers because they are turning into two different subjects. This is something of a pattern in the development of this blog, watching cell division take place in the various articles.

Monday 25th November 2013
1) Section dealing with the creation of the alien suit has been now divided into a links page and several other pages linked to it since it where it was going was becoming too complicated for one page Creating The Alien.
2) In the section Giger's Alien Head,words by O'Bannon from Fantastic Films on the oddity suspicions about human skulls has been added
3) Have begun a section on Prometheus' loose ends which looks at the unanswered questions posed in the film and the interviews starting with the Mysteries Of Planetoid Numbers

Friday 15th November 2013
1) Now that various threads of odd speculations have led to Arthur Max because of his past, the page about him has been rewritten in light of this. Production Designer: Arthur Max
2. Odd possible origin of the human skulls that Giger used for the Alien head is explored in part III Building The Skull of Creating The Alien, and the source quote for that information has been transcribed further down the page, taken from the Return of the Living Dead commentary. Creating The Alien before the page was divided and so the section added to is Giger's Alien Head

Thursday 14th November, 2013 
1) Max Headroom as a running theme
2) Arthur Max responsible for Pink Floyd influence in the beasties?
see section C of The Gerald Scarfe and Ralph Steadman influence?

Saturday 9th November, 2013
1) I've added this updates page
2) The pages from Issue No.8 of Weird Science that helped inspire the chestburster which I had managed to track down and upload to the Alien Explorations Facebook page back in July 2012, I have uploaded to this site

Friday 8th November, 2013
Picture from Hans Talhoffer's Thott manuscript from the 15th Century to section 2 of Evolution Via Giger's Necronomicon Part 2

Saturday 2nd November 2013
Space Jockeys With Sommelier Knife bodies?

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