December 2013

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Tuesday 31st December 2013
a) Added note about a comparison between the initial derelict design and the form of a Spiral and the French curve

Monday 30th December 2013
a) Added David Watling to the people index
b) Updated the information about  Carlo Rambaldi's Alien head with the information from Cinefantastique vol 9, no. 1, Cinefex 1 and Giger's Alien

Sunday 29th December 2013
a) Added another quote by Giger about how Gillis And Woodruff borrowed from his Passages Temple for The Vipers Nest scene from unused interview with Giger for Alien Evolution
b) Added another quote from Giger about Watling's Alien tail demonstrations and Rambaldi's response
Monday 23rd December 2013
Added "Memory" to the Lexicon section.

Sunday 22nd December 2013
a) Merged "Birthing the Chestburster" and the section dealing with the account of the moments when the Chestburster idea arrived into one, and moved Inspired by Cronenberg's Shivers? to the Alien: Afterworlds section, since it's David Cronenberg's theory whether or not he believe's it's a fact.
b) Added details from John L Flynn's essay available at one point online  "Alien - The Monster of all Monster Films" to the information about the plot of Dan O'Bannon's early Alien story "Memory" to the article Memory Surfaces which also shows up another concept borrowed earlier from Tim Boxell's Defiled comic book story and perhaps shows more about how the concept of the aliens spore with facehugger evolved 
c) This also lead me to making an additional note "Reflecting on Tim Boxell's Defiled" in Inventing the Facehugger about this matter.

Saturday 21st December 2013
Added an article looking at the loose comparisons between a queen's layer concept in Alien Resurrection and the alchemist's layer in Pitof's movie Vidocq from 2001.

Friday 13th December 2013
a) Added an article asking whether the Serenity from the Firefly TV series had been inspired by a design for the original derelict ship by Chris Foss. Did one of Chris Foss' derelict designs inspire Joss Whedon's Firefly?
b) I made the section Afterworlds in the Alien index into its own page of links dealing with various afterthoughts regarding the alien production that remain up in the air. Alien Afterworlds of thought.
c) The updates page for this year has now been labeled as Updates 2013 since we are getting so close to 2014 and a new updates page will be made for that year.

Thursday 12th December 2013
a) Another quote with James Cameron talking from his own view of the human victim to spore stage of the Alien life cycle from an uninformed point of view has been added and the main article has been rewritten Cameron Removes Human To Spore Stage
b) The updates page had been broken down into Updates and Updates 2007-2012 since it was too long really to navigate through on one page
c) Comparisons between human to spore alien life cycle stage and saprophytic fungi

Tuesday 10th December 2013 
Added my assumption that the skull of the entombed Space Jockey like entity in the painting Chiquita has a face based on a mouse skull Evolution of the Space Jockey via Giger's Necronomicon part 2

Monday 2nd December 2013
Added the comment from Dan O'Bannon about there being an actual alien folded into a box shape to the section about the Alien creature seen as a box in the Alien graphic novel at the time of Alien's release. This section was originally labeled by me as An Intermediate stage since it almost seemed to tie in with what Ridley Scott revealed about his urge to show an intermediate stage where the alien was folding up like an egg walking around on short legs and then unfolds. Since then I divided the section up into An Intermediate Stage and "Organic Box Like thing" and the latter is where you'll find words from Walt Simonson about what he saw in the rough cut of Alien tallying up with what Dan O'Bannon revealed in an issue of Famous Monsters of Film Land, #159, back at the time of Alien. Looking for that snippet of information was a very important thing for me and I thank someone with the username of Xeno Alpha 07 for mentioning the name of the name and issue of Fantastic Films of Monsterland in a conversation about a slightly different matter about Alien, and someone with the username of Dowly who mentioned that the magazine was available in the archive and the AVPGalaxy forum for being there for that conversation to take place.

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