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Friday, January 31st 2014
a) Fleshed out the section "Transition to being a spacecraft designer" on  Giger's derelict exterior with Giger quote from Cinefex and Giger's Alien, and added section "Battle between O'Bannon and Scott over derelict". Was there more than one moment of heavy discussion between the two or was it just one event.
b) Since Strangeshapes added an essay summarizing discussions about the Alien in a box shape to his site and was able to mention my page about the whole thing at the bottom, and mentioned in the essay what I had stated as well about how I thought the Fifield scene was inspired by the unused organic box idea from Alien, I thought that I had better set out my thoughts on the whole matter: Fifield found rolled up
c) Wrote the synopsis for The final mutant fifield
d) Added statement by comic book artist Walter Simonson about what he imagined was behind the unfolding organic alien box shape effect in Organic Box Like Thing

Thursday, January 30th 2014

Wednesday, January 29th 2014
Added David Cronenberg's opinion on the first Alien movie in comparison to his own film Shivers from Fangoria #3, p13 to Inspiration from Shivers

Sunday, January 26th 2014
 "The Cyborg" episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is added to Unleashing Humans Disguised As Androids

Saturday, January 25th 2014
Aditional information from Walter Simonson about the organic box like alien from interviews with www.bigshinyrobot.com (November 9, 2012) and www.comicbookresources.com, (Tuesday, October 30th, 2012)

Friday, January 24th 2014
a) Added information from a Bill Pearson interview to Creating The Nostromo
from Sci-Fi & Fantasy FX  #48.

Wednesday January 22nd 2014
a) Added Saliva Story handed over by Dennis Lowe at Alienexperience.com back in 2009 about an incident regarding saliva pump for the alien suit.
b) Added Painting of the planetary system based on conversations with Dennis Lowe at Alienexperience.com back in 2009

Tuesday January 21st 2014
a) Expanded the section Creating The Nostromo adding information from the Martin Bowers and Bill Pearson interviews from Alien Makers 1 documentary from  Dennis Lowe Website
b) Expanded the section on Building the Refinery (formerly named  Refinery evolves through "Bismarck" stageadding information from the Martin Bowers and Bill Pearson interviews from Alien Makers 1 documentary from Dennis Lowe Website
c) Added comments to Yellow Nostromo by Bill Pearson about the spraying of the Nostromo in yellow paint

Monday January 20th 2014
Added to information about Giger's design for the facehugger in Creating The Alien Facehugger from the Giger interview/article  in Clive Barker's A to Z of Horror

Sunday January 19th 2014
a) Added section about the Ultramorph that blends the information garnered from Alien_Engineers Script,  Jaime Prater/ Thisbethasdesea's interview with Carlos Huante for AVPGalaxy and Carlos Huante's Prometheus notes.

Saturday January 18th 2014
a) Added quote from  p109 from  "Mobius Entrentiens Avec Numa Sadoul" about Jean Giraud "Moebius" experience with the Alien production to Hello Moebius! Goodbye!
b) Added quote to Dune and the gathering from interview at www.agentsdentretiens.fr,
, where Giger mentions that he gave a copy of his "Necronomicon" to Salvador Dali which is relevant because before it was a nameless catalogue. Was it his Necronomicon book in its earlier form or was he simply generalising?

Thursday January 16th 2014
a) Added section to Giger's Derelict Exterior
about the similarity between the Triskelion like Record Insert Adaptor, and broke the section half of the page off to make that into it's own section Changes To  The Derelict
b) Added information from Fantastic Film's Ron Cobb interview to Creating The Nostromo

Wednesday January 15th 2014
a) Re-edited the page Facehugger to Adult
b) Re-edited the page The realism of Giler and Hill's Earlier Script attempting to sort out the story about Ridley Scott being at odds with Giler and Hill over the script
c) Wrote synopsis for New Nostromo Engine Room Miniature
d) Rewrote synopsises for Yellow Nostromo
e) Added information from Simon Deering interview from Alien Makers I to Creating Nostromo.
f) Added information from Simon Deering interview from Alien Makers I to Refinery evolves through "Bismarck" stage

Tuesday January 14th 2014
a) Added information from Dan O'Bannon about David Giler's multiple rewrites from Rocket's Blast Comic Collector #148 to The Realism Of Giler And Hill's earlier drafts
b) Added Dan Comments on putting the script back together, from Rocket's Blast Comic Collector #148 to Dan the Script Surgeon
c) Added Hello Moebius! Goodbye!  which is presently made up from Dan' s comments from Rocket's Blast Comic Collector #148

Monday January 13th 2014
b) Added more information from Jon Sorensen, along with some parts of the dialogues in the Alienexperience.com forum with Dennis Lowe for  Refinery evolves through "Bismarck" stage

Sunday January 12th 2014
Added section on the Derelict Entrance.

Friday January 10th 2014
a) Added quote from Ridley Scott about the intended fabric of the Alien costume originating from the Making of Alien documentary: Sculpting The Alien Costume
b) a quote from Ivor Powell about the non functionality of the tale mechanism originating from the Making of Alien documentary: The Aliens Tail

Wednesday January 8th 2014
Have now slightly fleshed out the section on the Space Jockey corpse in the landscape. Landscape with Alien Astronaut Corpse

Saturday  January 4th 2014
Added quote about James Cameron's further thoughts on what to do with the Bishop character from Everyjoe interview from the 2010 www.everyjoe.com interview with Henriksen which fleshes out a little an earlier comment by Henriksen to Haven't A Clue About Bishop 2

Friday January 3rd 2014
Added a David Fincher quote from Empire Magazine, February 1996 where David Fincher mentioned the oddities of his initial Alien 3 script in an interview for Seven and I've been hunting for it because it almost throws the intentions that David Fincher had about Bishop 2 into the air a little.  It can be found in the Source Quotes of Haven't A Clue About Bishop 2

Wednesday January 1st 2014
a) Addition of information and a statement by Ron Shusett about the choice of an insect life cycle over a human mates with alien to create a hybrid taking information from the cinefantastique interview with Ron Shusett
b) Addition of 1995 statement by J G Ballard in a letter interview with Paul Lavile, acknowledging that he found HR Giger's artwork impressive, and a quote from James Verniere from a forward for his interview with Ballard for Twlight Zone in June 1988, and an interview snippet from Re/Search no. 8/9. Also the section dealing with JG Ballard's views on Alien and Giger have rewritten to present the revelations chronologically showing the slight mixup that he had when talking about the movie.

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