April 2014

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Saturday April 26th 2014
Updated the section on Dave Dorman's Predalien design with a quote from the Galactic-Squid.com interview in which he more or less repeats what he said before anyway.

Monday April 21st 2014
2) Added quotes from Danny Boyle: Interviews Conversations with Filmmakers Keith Hopper interviews Danny Boyle, Danny Boyle; Authorised Edition and Tim Out to Danny Boyle on Alien 4

Sunday April 20th 2014
1) Added name section for Vincenzo Natali
2) Added Vincenzo Natali's discussion about Splice/Alien comparisons 
3) Added Lovecraftian sketches by Del Toro to 
Guillermo del Toro talks about Lovecraft's influence on Alien
4) Added link page for the alien life-cycle Hieroglyphics connected to the Lexicon page

Friday April 18th 2014
1) Added section Riddle of Alien 3 Beast with 4 legs dealing with Giger and the Alien 3 production
2) Added section on Giger's Alien 3 beast
3) Added section on Giger's bambi-burster
4) Added section on Giger's Super Facehugger

Saturday April 11th 2014
Added Biomechanical Mia , Egyptian Style to Erotomechanics vii continues to explore Pakal Votan tomb lid

Friday April 11th 2014

Thursday April 10th 2014

Sunday April 6th 2014
Fleshed out the section of the Umbilical Cord slightly, suggesting that it was the name for the tale when it stuck out of the alien's groin since this is the instance when Ridley has been referring to it as an "umbilical."

Saturday April 5th 2014
Added quote from Walter Simonson from Alien: The Illustrated Story, The Original Art Edition to Organic Box Like Thing.

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