May 2014

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Saturday May 31st 2014
1) Danny Boyle's Sunshine in relation to Alien
2) The Beast With Metal Teeth: The alien follow "Jaws" from The Spy Who Loved Me movie as tall humanoid with metal teeth.
3) Added statement from Elegy #4 by Giger on the Alien 3 project to Riddle of Alien 3 beast with 4 legs

Thursday May 29th 2014
1) Updated Alien Resurrection Alien Warrior Concepts by Sylvain Despretz, adding another image

Wednesday May 28th 2014
Information from Newsweek added to The Vipers Nest

Monday May 26th 2014
Updated Stopped in the street with information from "The Stages of Alien" in Los Angeles Times.

Sunday May 25th 2014
1) Name section for Sylvain Despretz
2) Section showing Alien Resurrection Alien Warrior Concepts by Sylvain Despretz

Monday May 19th 2014

Sunday May 18th 2014

Wednesday May 14th 2014

Monday May 12th 2014
1) Working on a section about Poltergeist 2

Thursday May 8th 2014
Added material from Dan O'Bannon interview from Phobos No.1 summer 1977 to Dune And The Gathering , Cocoon scene, A Sofa in LA, Stopped in the street and Script Through The Window

Tuesday May 6th 2014
Fleshed out section on the painting Friedrich Kuhn II, having added the original photo that Giger started with

Friday May 2nd 2014
Added image of toadstool cap shaped derelict ship from Moebius' Arzach to The Space Jockey's remains

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