June 2014

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Monday June 29th 2014
1) Newborn concepts by Jordu Schell for Alien Resurrection
2) A couple more Chris Cunningham/Halls Newborn illustrations for Alien Resurrection

Sunday June 28th 2014
HR Giger interview with Zuritipp from 13th August 2012

Saturday June 27th 2014
Updated Alien vs Eraserhead with information from Fear magazine from December 1990

Friday June 26th 2014
section since somehow the link was wrong

Wednesday June 24th 2014
1) Added information about David Giler's ideas for the Resurrection Of Ripley
2) Added page dealing with Ridley's view of the physicality of alien humanoids head.
3) Corrected the last paragraph of "A bad taste" on Riddle of Alien 3 beast with 4 legs because it seemed to have suddenly lost coherency at the end

Monday June 23rd 2014
2) Slight alteration made to Event Horizon discussing the likelihood of it being influenced by Alien.

Sunday June 22nd 2014
Took the source quotes from Famous Monsters and Warren Presents Alien Collectors Edition, that appeared to be the same statement from Giger but slightly rewritten, at No No Eyes and corrected them since offering them both separately with their slight differences. How the quote was left like that with a slight error seems rather unexplained.

Saturday June 21st 2014
Added information about Rem the android from the Logan's Run TV series to Unleashing Human Disguised Androids

Friday June 20th 2014
1) Added small amount of extra material to Hello Moebius!... Goodbye! from interview snippets from Giger and Moebius from the BBC4 Documentary "In Search of Moebius"
2) Updated Stephen King On Alien using additional information from "Bare Bones, Conversations on Terror With Stephen King"

Thursday June 19th 2014
2) Made a page for Dan O'Bannon's List of elements to be designed by Giger

Wednesday June 18th 2014
2) Added Carlo Huante's Facehugger centipede's victim's cranial transformation concept
3) Added two more examples of Wadjets/ Eye of Horus amulets to Eye-of-Horus / Wedjat

Tuesday June 17th 2014
Added photo diagram to show rough similarities between points on a cutaway brain model and Giger's third concept for an Alien humanoid to Alien in the brain

Monday June 16th 2014
Updated Event Horizon page with quotes from the film commentary

Sunday June15th 2014
Added extra small details from Giger's story of the Passages I-IX paintings from Giger's film design to Inspiration behind HR Giger's Passages I-IX

Saturday June 14th 2014
1) Added image of Passages VI to Inspiration behind HR Giger's Passages I-IX

Friday June 13th 2014
1) Changes to the Space Jockey's Telescope viewer in Prometheus.
2) Added quote from Jon Sorensen's feelings about how the derelict have more buried beneath it in Giger's Egg Silo and the Derelict squeezed into one and repaired paragraph b) which seemed to have an important chunk had been deleted from it. How this happened, I don't know
3) Added a name page for Alien special effects technician Jon Sorensen,  linking up pages where he is mentioned

Wednesday June 11th 2014
Updated the J G Ballard on Alien with new information from Interzone's former editor David Pringle and also a link to the short story "David Cronenberg’s Alien — Novelization by J.G. Ballard"

Tuesday June 10th 2014
1) Page with a selection of examples of the Eye-of-Horus / Wedjat

Monday June 9th 2014
2) Added comment about Dan O'Bannon having the idea about opposing thumbs on the hand, to Sculpting the Alien costume 
3) Added Ganesh with breathing pipe trunk which is about a Ganesh sculpture shown on Ancient Aliens

Sunday June 8th 2014
1) Updates have been made to Farzad Varahramyan's Predaliens , Updates have been made to "Michael Broom's Predaliens".  The "Green Predalien" has been added and I am not sure who the artist is here either, "Predalien face hugging victim" has also been added and once more the images have no signature, "Predalien with side teeth concepts" has been added, but I'm not one hundred percent sure who the artist is. (The ADI video that new images have been extracted from is featured here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txe5nRsvT2s 0)
3) Added image of Gino Acevedos alien painting guide for Alien 3

Saturday June 7th 2014
1) Added information from Ron Cobb in Starburst talking about Ron Shusett and Dan O'Bannon being involved in changes to the final script to Dan the script surgeon but am still to find some further comments from Dan about his own alterations to the final script that I have seen somewhere a while back
2) Added name page for Ron Cobb to access articles associated with him

Thursday June 5th 2014
Added Chris Cunningham/Halls' Newborn Alien concept designs with comment by Sylvain Despretz

Sunday June 1st 2014
Alien In The Brain. Did Giger's alien humanoid creature design take inspiration from the shapes of the thalamus area of the human brain?

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