July 2014

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Thursday July 31st 2014
1) Updated  Carlos Huante's Pilot with detail from Temple Passage (Life) getting to the root of Huante's design in Giger's work.
2) Updated the Moebius section for Early designs for the Space Jockey with a colour scan of the space Jockey credited to Moebius which I scanned from L'Écran Fantastique n° 167, Novembre 1997.

Wednesday July 30th 2014
1) Added The Spell III just exploring Giger's painting

Sunday July 27th 2014
Added The Spell III and the Aliens queen about how Giger's The Spell III (along with Alien Monster IV) was the other painting that inspired James Cameron's Alien design

Friday July 25th 2014

Wednesday July 23rd 2014
Updating dissecting derelict spores with a quotes from Giger's Film Design and Gger's Alien

Monday July 14th 2014

Sunday July 13th 2014
Updated Design Of The Derelict: Giger's work with information from Star Wars and Alien comic book and corrected turned the word "place" into "plant", why it had been left as the word "place" is unknown.

Friday July 11th 2014
1) Updated Giger talks about Aliens with one quote from Alien Saga documentary
2) Updated  Alien: Hunt for the director with a note from Gilliam on Gilliam mentioning Sandy Lieberson's connection with Ridley's producer for The Duellist's David Puttnam

Thursday July 10th 2014
Updated Riddle of Alien 3 beast with 4 legs with information from an excellent interview with Tom Woodruff Jr by www.outpost31.com that shows frighteningly enough Tom had absolutely no idea that when Giger was faxing Alien 3 designs that he was actually under a contract with Fox.

Wednesday July 9th 2014

Monday July 7th 2014
1) Update to Casting Kane. The story about how Jon Finch became ill from diabetes on Alien divides.
2) Harboring remains of Li Tobler. The myths about Giger owning the skeleton of a late wife or girlfriend and the other revelation.

Sunday July 6th 2014

Saturday July 5th 2014
1) An assembly of the confusing endless details of the story about when Sandy Lieberson brought the Alien project to England, Walter Hill bailed out of the directors seat and then there's the Hunt for the director resulting in Ridley. 
2) Added an assemblage of the information about when Ridley first received the Alien script. It does seem as if the information is certainly a slight blur made from almost half formed impressions 
3) Slight update with more quotes for The Biomechanoid That o'Bannon wanted 
4) Slight update with a small quote chunk to Dan the script surgeon

Friday July 4th 2014
1) Updated Casting Kane with alternative story as to how it was revealed that Jon Finch was diabetic, from interview with Brian Johnson at Originalprop.
2) Updated Carlos Huante's pilot adding an image of La Centrale by

Thursday July 3rd 2014
1) Updated Erotomechanics VII continues to exlore the Pakal Votan tomb lid imagery with behind the scenes photos of the painting from "Giger's Polaroids"
2) Updated article about a comic book story from an Italian publication which turned out to originally be from the British publication Starblazer and was by an Argentinian illustrator

Wednesday July 2nd 2014
1) Updated Carlos Huante's Babyhead with recently released image of Babyhead model

Tuesday July 1st 2014

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