Carlos Huante's The Pilot

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a) Carlos Huante drew an illustration slightly reminiscent of the space jockey and this creature interestingly lacks lower limbs. 
On his Facebook page at the time, he mentioned that it was obviously what inspired this, and that it turned into something else and is now a part of a short of drawings that he is working on.
In his work for Prometheus and Alien Covenant, he thought about the Nephilim from the bible, and decided that they tied in with the Engineer/ Space Jockey mythos.
This entity here would be evidence of the Titans or Nephilim as a creation that could not resist their natural instinct to kill he phsycially inferior, and also turned on their creators and destroying them.

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b) In Giger's Passage Temple (Life) environment, a humanoid with a truncated body can be found with similar strange anatomy and also has shoulder pads and a pipe running down the centre of the body.

detail from H R Giger's "Passage Temple (Life)" (1974)

H R Giger's "Passage Temple (Life)" (1974)

c) The lower part of the pilot's torso is reminiscent of the strange hanging fleshy shapes from Jean-Marie Poumeyrol's La Centrale that is a part of HR Giger's collection as shown in his book, and this perhaps is obviously inspired by the same detail from Passage Temple (life). It's as if Huante has placed the lower organ of Giger's humanoid on the wide bulging shape in Poumeyrol's that continues with its own elongated lower organ down into the controls of the machinery.

Jean-Marie Poumeyrol's La Centrale

source quotes
  1. Carlos Huante: This is "the Pilot"..obvious what inspired this.. however it actually turned into something else.. it is part of a short story of drawings that I will be working on in the near future..( 
  2. Carlos Huante: The intention is not to be photo real..I am looking at trying to retain the quality of drawing rather than the photographic route.. Drawings by Stanislav Szukalski and some of the early early illustrators that were around during the pre-rafaelite period…Beksinski's drawings as well...less about real in the photographic or mimicking sense … trying to find the art is the intent with all my later stuff…editing it down to what I personally find the most interesting…Since it's not for film I can play around with all the levels…( 
  3. Carlos Huante: Here astronauts find evidence of a grand culture...evidence of an advanced scientific community..evidence that their creation turned on them and detroyed them..The titans/ Nephillim could not survive without their creators but could not resist their natural instinct to kill the physically inferior..  (

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