September 2014

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Tuesday September 29th 2014
1) Updated Into The Necronomicon with a quote from Ridley from the Alien Saga documentary
2) The section "Giger's objectives with the alien" becomes transformed into Starting the Alien, 
and the information about the body contortionists has been given its own page merged with the information about the body contortionists as Looking for the Alien's Nucleus
3) Looking for the Alien's Nucleus is broken into separate sections attempting to focus on bringing clarity to each section.
4) Added image of the model Veruschka to Enter Veruschka folded into a position vaguely reminiscent of the Alien folded up like a box

Sunday September 28th 2014
3) Uploaded a complete black and white scan of Moebius' space jockey 
4) Created another page Ridleygrams to list the Ridleygrams
5) Expanding and splitting up sections on The Tomita Planets
6) Expanding section on the Two Computers Chatting

Monday September 22nd 2014

Sunday September 21st 2014
1) Added comment by Richard Stammers from Cinefex 130 to The Dark Side of The Moon
2) Added comment by Paul Butterworth from Cinefex 130 to Origins of the Orrey

Friday September 19th 2014
1) Updated  Did cocoon scene Ridleygram inspire Brainstorm's hell? with images from Cinefex of the organic landscapes being created.

Wednesday September 17th 2014
1) Questions about Necronom VII, inspired by Viking Helmet or perhaps another Doctor Who monster or even both? (This very much up in the air but it's interesting to find out more about the Doctor Who monster that it vaguely resembles in terms of Giger's biomechanoid concept and if that is a coincidence, well....)

Sunday September 7th 2014

Saturday September 6th 2014
Possible connection between Cybermen and Giger's Extra-Terrestrial outfit for Swiss Made 2069

Friday September 5th 2014
1) Updated the page about the other Moebius sketches of derelict ships, now that I've been able to identify them as the ones from Ashcan Comics #4 having found the copies of the sketches that Jean-Marc L'Officier uploaded to his site.

Thursday September 4th 2014
Added additional information to Script Out of the Blue about the picking up of a copy of Metal Hurlant in the Dordogne based on the Q&A at Genesis Cinema, August 2014

Wednesday September 3rd 2014
Summary for the Little Rascal has been rewritten

Tueday September 2nd 2014
1) Updated Casting Kane with Roger Christian's view on the incident of letting go of Jon Finch.
2) Chronologically arranged source quotes for Organic box like thing and added image file with the article from Famous Monsters of Film Land from 1979.

Monday September 1st 2014
Added the eye goggles of Alien stage iii version 2. Were they inspired by ancient Egyptian depictions of lillies?

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