October 2014

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Friday October 31st 2014
1)  Added information Ron Cobb working on the Nostromo by The Alien Archive to Alien : Ron Cobb's design philosophy
2) Added information about Spielberg being offered the Alien film from a comment by Ron Cobb in The Alien Archive to Alien: Hunt for Director
3) Added comment by Ron Cobb in The Alien Archive to Alien: The Art Rooms of LA
4) Added information from comment by HR Giger in The Alien Archive to Physicality Of The Alien Humanoid's Head

Thursday October 30th 2014
Added Christ Foss' Leviathan Sketch No. 3

Tuesday October 28th 2014
1) Updated Harboring The Remains Of Li Tobler with Brian Johnson's report about the story from the Alien Legacy documentary

Saturday October 25th 2014
1) Added Egg Silo page to list the pages dealing with the egg silo from Alien
2) Added HR Giger's Preliminary Egg Silo Interior
3) Added HR Giger's egg silo interior version i
4) Added Chris Foss Alien Temple interior
5) Added Giger's Egg Silo Exterior

Thursday October 23rd 2014
1) Added Brian Johnson's statement  from Alien Legacy Documentary about Giger having the bones of his "ex-wife" to Harboring the remains of  Li Tobler. 
2) Added photo of Dan O'Bannon and Ron Cobb in the art rooms to The Art Rooms of LA  from Alien Legacy documentary.

Monday October 20th 2014
1) Added One more surprise ending  
2) Added Life Cycle of the Alien (in response to quotes being published by Xeno Alpha 07 in a discussion going on at AVPGalaxy.net )
3) Added quote from Bolaji from Cinefantastique to The creature in the wall

Saturday October 18th 2014
Added The creature in the wall about the scene of the alien being discovered in the Narcissus

Wednesday October 15th 2014
1) Updated Initial construction of the Nostromo, Moebius' Derelict and Sylvain Despret's Alien Resurrection Alien Warrior Concepts with images from SFX#254 December 2014's preview of The Alien Archives
2) Added Veronica Cartwright's comment from Alien Quadrilogy documentary to "Mother of All KY Jelly Tubes" on the  John Birkinshaw aka "Mother" and rewrote the summary to accommodate additional information 
3) Rewrote : The starting point at Swiss Made 2069 adding information from Cinefantastique Vol 9: No.1 and broke it down into two pages, the second being Doctor Who and the 10th Planet inspired Swiss Made 2069?, since Swiss Made 2069 deserved its own page and the page about Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet will become extended.

Tuesday October 14 2014
1) Added image of six limbed alien understood to a preview from the Alien Archives
and shows itself to have the characteristics of  Sylvain Despretz alien warrior concept art for Alien Resurrection from SFX#254 December 2014's preview of The Alien Archives  (thanks to Jonin of Alien Xenomorph Origins on Facebook for the headsup)
2) Added Nostromo with Close Encounters Of Third Kind mothership lighting 

Sunday October 12th 2014
1) Created One Nostromo shuttle or two?
2) Article from SFX# 6 , from November 1995 where Bill Pearson is interviewed, broken chunks scattered across The Crunch, Adding a new cockpit, Engine room towers become engines, Probes from the refinery transplanted elsewhere, Ron Cobb's design philosophy, One Nostromo shuttle or two? and Finishing touches to the Nostromo

Saturday October 11th 2014
1) Added Belly lights of the Nostromo
2) Updated Steven Jolliffe of Tangerine dream joins the Nostromo wiggeters

Friday October 10th 2014
1) Added Dennis Lowe's view on Giger's egg silo and derelict squeezed into one
2) Added Denis Lowe's view on the Space Jockey fused wth the chair
3) Added an index page for Dennis Lowe

Wednesday October 8th 2014
1) Expanded on Jon Sorensen's arrival

Monday October 6th 2014
Divided page about the creation of the Nostromo into several different pages linked by this one

Saturday October 4th 2014
1) Added Ridley Scotts egg silo exterior adapted from Giger's Necronomicon having worked out where Ridley took the head from

Friday October 3rd 2014
1) Updated section The Resurrection of Ripley with information from the books Joss Whedon: The Genius behind buffy section and Joss Whedon : Geek King Of The Universe merged together
2) Added segments from the books Joss Whedon: The Genius behind buffy section and Joss Whedon : Geek King Of The Universe from Googlebooks

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