November 2014

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Wednesday November 26th 2014
Added Industrial Conglomerates and their ships

Tuesday November 25th 2014
Added parts from a December 2003 Total Film interview with Giger to Carlo Rambaldi's Alien head, 
and No, No eyes! and Sculpting the alien costume

Saturday November 22nd 2014
Added 2005 quote from Ridley about use of the alien in bacteriological warfare first published in  Empire in 2011 to dissecting the derelict end of the line the and back to the distant past.

Friday November 21st 2014
Expanded the page about Damon Lindelof and his involvement in Prometheus, breaking it down into several pages.

Thursday November 20th 2014
Re-writing, re-editing and making corrections to "Giger's Alien head". However the structure of that page will continue to change as time goes by because it is a page still for collating the information about the subject matter at the moment and it will in time become divided into several pages.

Wednesday November 19th 2014
Added The Alien as a Dragon since Ridley has managed to reiterate the idea that the alien is a dragon in a recent interview after he mentioned it about 35 years ago.

Saturday November 8th 2014
Added comments from Martin Bower from his Facebook page to Nostromo's engine room towers become Engines

Wednesday November 5th 2014
Updated "Harboring the remains of Li Tobler" with an additional statements about where the bones of the dead wife rumour was going by Roger Christian, and William Malone managed to get confirmation from Mia Bonzanigo about the Li Tobler's brain splattered on a Giger painting, as found in Rue Morgue magazine #149
Monday November 3rd 2014
1) Added Alternate endings for alien
2) Perhaps have completed Sex and The Alien
3) Re-edited Evolution of the Space Jockey via Giger's Necronomicon adding quotes from Alien The Archives that just seemed to be quotes repeated almost word for word from elsewhere

Sunday November 2nd 2014
1) Added information from interview with Sigourney Weaver to Sex and The Alien from Alien: The Archive, p96
2) Added information from interview with Sigourney Weaver to Sex and The Alien from Omni Screen Flights/Screen Fantasy, "Playing Ripley In Alien" p162.
3) Added comment from interview with Sigourney Weaver to Sex and The Alien from Fantastic Films #11 
4) Added comment from Ridley about his ideas for the Nostromo pulling the derelict from Alien The Archive to The Crunch
5)Added Ridleygram of the refinery that loosely resembles key buildings from the spire filled skyline of Oxford.

Saturday November 1st 2014
1) Added detail from David Giler about Ridley meeting up with Giler and Hill at Musso's from a report from interview for Alien Evolution documentary to Ridley arrives in Hollywood.
2) Added detail about David Giler and Sandy Lieberson both being at Cannes at the time of the release of The Duellists to Ridley of the Duellists in the page Hunt For The Director.
3) Added detail about David Giler interest in Giger's work to Into The Necronomicon from a report from interview for Alien Evolution documentary
4) Added details from interview with Ron Shusett to Creature In The Wall from

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