December 2014

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Wednesday December 31st 2014
Added note about Kit Pedler to co script-writer of Doctor Who and The Tomb of the Cybermen being inspired by Erich Von Daniken to Von Daniken's concepts used in Prometheus. More about how "Doctor Who and The Tomb of the Cybermen" appeared to inspire Prometheus will be added.

Tuesday December 30th 2014
Added scan of Back of the River Boat Leviathan by Chris Foss from a transparency in Charlie Lippincott's collection and renamed the page named "Riverboat Design, 1977" as sketches 7 & 8 Riverboat Design since the picture of the back of the Riverboat Leviathan has been revealed to be numbered as 7 while the image on the transparency of drawing of the rest of the ship in Charlie Lippincott's collection revealed it to be numbered as 8.

Thursday December 25th 2014
Slightly re-edited Derelict Entrance page adding quotes by Lyndsey Muir from Charlie Lippincott's Facebook page which basically reaffirm the basics of what Brian Muir has already said about the entrance

Wednesday December 24th 2014
1) Made separate page for the Multiple Wedjats that were amongst the single Wedjats on the The Eye of Horus /Wedjat page

Wednesday December 17th 2014
1) Added Jesus Christ: Emissary from outer space
2) Added Ridley's afterthoughts on Prometheus 
3) Added Deacon's mouth echoes of scare faces from Beetlejuice
4) Added Space Jockey inspired "Ship of fools" comic book story from Doctor Who Weekly #23-24  

Sunday December 14th 2014
Added Reaching Prometheus 2

Saturday December 6th 2014
1) Slightly updated Industrial Conglomerates And Their Ships with information from An interview with Ridley Scott by Danny Peary, Omni Screen Flights, Screen Fantasy and Warren presents, Alien Collector's Edition. 
2) Updated Building the Refinery with Ron Cobb's experience of the event from Fantastic Films July  1979
3) The contents of the page "Ridley's Nostromo" which contained part of an interview from Fantastic Film magazine was absorbed by the pages Industrial Conglomerates And Their Ships and Building the Refinery

Friday December 5th 2014
Slightly updated The Creature In The Wall with information from H.R. Giger's Alien diaries

Wednesday December 3rd 2014
Updated Simon Deering's auto destruct panel by identifying use of, "Akasa" "Bel",  "En-Soph", "Aum" along with "Padme", as well as "Yoni" along with "Linga" in Blavatsky's writings and creating a separate page "References to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine" for these words

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