June 2015

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Tuesday 30th June 2015
1) Added page about the filming the scene of The startled cat on the seat in Alien.
2) U pdated Alien: Life cycle of the alien with quotes from American Cinematographer, August 1979, p842 and Telerama n1548 12 Septembre 1979. Still the information seems slightly fragmented but I suppose they were just playing with general ideas. It might have been interesting to be able to listen in on the conversation about the whole thing that Ridley must have been having after the days shoot with Gordon Carroll  and others about where the life cycle and the background of the alien should go.
3) Updated Little Rascal with information from Michael Seymour about how they referred to the grown up third stage of the Alien life cycle, as The Little Rascal from American Cinematographer, August 1979, p805.
4) Updated "Guillermo Del Toro & Lovecraft's influence on Alien" with a little note about his mention of the alien as a "totemic god" in the New Yorker interview.
5) Added section on film director Jan Kounen and his relationship with Alien, copying out and translating interview fragments.

Monday 29th June 2015
1) Added a page full of mostly ancient images of Kokopelli. A question remains about how this character permeated Giger's art
2) Ed Arent shared with Weylan-Yutani Bulletin images showing Dark Horse Alien comics influence  on a couple of scenes in Alien Resurrection.

Sunday 28th June 2015
1) Updated Necronom III with information about the mysterious figure with tendrils coming from the back of his head most possibly being a mythological Hopi deity named Kokopelli. Many thanks to Wesley Stamper for identifying it.

Saturday 27th June 2015
1) Initial summation of the information about the God Light concept for the cinematography of Alien Resurrection. 

Monday 22nd June 2015
1) Added Vincenzo Natali's Stagenstein sequence from Hannibal season 3, episode 2

Sunday 21st June 2015
1) Added Gutalin's homage to Tron's MCP face? 

Saturday 20th June 2015
1) I've had a go at creating a star map based on the one that came with the online version of the Alien script and this one goes with the idea that if the Nostromo is still to arrive within this version of the outer rim, then Zeta II Reticuli is simply the nearest noteworthy star still some light years away within 'The Outer' rim and the planetoid is in some part of unexplored space around a star that might just be another catalogue number. I can only wish for something more to add to it. This has been added to this page Galactic Geography of Alien (I have used the star map from atlasoftheuniverse.com and acknowledge that there seems to be another four light light years to with stars to consider beyond the map used. http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/50lys)

2) Separated the origin of the Weylan-Yutani name from Industrial Conglomerates and Their Ships to create Origins of Weylan-Yutani which also leads from the index page for HP Lovecraft since Weylan possibly is partially inspired by the name Wayland used by Lovecraft in one of his stories and there's a novel at the time that perhaps brought to the surface the idea of these odd industrial conglomerates. Monday 15th June 2015
1) Updated Organic box like thing with comments made by Mike Matessino about what he saw when compiling the extras for the Alien Laserdisc
Thursday 11th June 2015
1) Added information to Industrial conglomerates and their ships about the alternate origin of the name Weylan from Weylan-Yutani
Wednesday 10th June 2015
1) Added an explora tion of Necronom I 
2) Added an exploration of Necronom II
3) Added an exploration of Necronom VI
Monday 8th June 2015
Added comparison between Necronom III's cartoon figure lost in the details and cartoon duck

Sunday 7th June 2015
Added an exploration of the painting Necronom IX
Saturday 6th June 2015
Added an exploration of the painting Necronom III
Friday 5th June 2015
Added more to Reaching Prometheus 2 with words taken from Ridley's closing thoughts on the continuation of Prometheus for a sequel from the director commentary for Prometheus
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Re-edited Alien treasure room / temple environment

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