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Wednesday 29th September 2015
1) Updated Reaching "Alien: Paradise Lost" (Prometheus 2) along w ith Questions about God and Paradise Lost with information  from
2) Added Scritpwriter John Fasano criticizes Prometheus
3) Added namepage for John Fasano 
4) Added John Fasano's Predalien sketch

5) Added a page on the  Chariots of the Gods the movie project , since it's approximately in the same genre as Prometheus, and John Fasano was scriptwriter for it. 

Tuesday 28th September 2015
1) Endlessly reediting Vincent Ward's Alien 3. 
Getting into a point of confusion about whether Ferguson had been employed to write the script when Fasano claimed he was.

Monday 27th September 2015
1) Breaking up into separate pages and endlessly reediting Vincent Ward's Alien 3

Sunday 26th September 2015
1) Just watched the first 2 episodes from last weekend's Doctor Who and noticed something that seemed to slightly familiar in the background and so have added Moebius' Alien derelict inspires Dalek building in Doctor Who

Friday 25th September 2015
1) Updated : Alien: Brett's death in the Claw Room - Temple Environment with information about Sigourney's point of view of the scene from Questar magazine.
2) Updated Questions about God and Paradise Lost 
3) Added Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie. This will be about reports of it going into production and we seem to be waiting for Prometheus to be over and done with so that Ridley can produce it, and meanwhile it looks as if Prometheus 2 is now the fifth Alien film because of the title.
4) Added information from a new Empireonline article to Reaching Alien: Paradise Lost (Prometheus 2)
5) Added Ridley says "Better than..." 

Thursday 24th September 2015
1) Updated Reaching Prometheus 2  again but with confusing new information about the movie's new title Alien: Paradise Lost, making the page now Reaching Alien: Paradise Lost . The news came courtesy of the website

Wednesday 23rd September 2015
1) Updated Reaching Prometheus 2 with interview snippets from Filmflutter (

Friday 18th September 2015
1) Added Did the depictions of alien abductors from the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction incident inspire the front of the head of Necronom IV? and this might be the end of my elongated investigation in to Necronom IV's origins. It probably might be nice to work out when and where Giger was having his different realisations indeed, but there only just enough to make general assumptions from by the looks of it.
Thursday 17th September 2015
1) Created a separate section for the Prometheus Hammerpede's Origins in Dr Who And The Tomb of the Cyberman's Cybermats separating it from "Doctor Who and The Tomb of the Cybermen" echoes in Prometheus
2) Added a name page for Ridley Scott 
3) Added a page of photos from the TV film The UFO Incident from 1975, about the Betty And Barney Hill abduction case
4) Created a separate page for Dan o'Bannon's admiration for HP Lovecraft, it was formerly part of Dan O'Bannon's Mysteries
Wednesday 16th September 2015
1) Updated Reaching Prometheus 2 with new information from Ridley's interview for Collider
2) Updated "Doctor Who and The Tomb of the Cybermen" echoes in Prometheus with information from "Doctor Who Scripts: The Tomb Of The Cybermen" which suggests even more that the plot elements were borrowed from Doctor Who which in a way is okay, but the problem is that we have full explanations behind the ideas for that certain Doctor Who story, which although were quite interesting for the time, probably just stand as very good 1960s scifi TV.

Sunday 13th September 2015
Updated Reaching Prometheus 2 with new information from Ridley's interview for Deadline

Friday 11th September 2015
1) Added Ernst Fuchs' Triumph of the Sphinx inspires details for Necronom IV
2) Added a name page for Ernst Fuchs

Monday 7th September 2015
1) Isolated the original published reference to the term Pred-Alien by Paul W.S. Anderson
2) Updated Paul W. S. Anderson sells AvP with material from, Total Film SFX November 2004, Dreamwatch, #118 and Empire, November 2004 and changed the name of the article to Paul W. S. Anderson boards AvP, perhaps the name will changed again soon.
3) Edited AVP: Silhouette of the Alien Queen which is about the satellite in the movie which resembled the alien queen.
4) Made slight updates to AVP: Bishop returns again  with material from SFX November 2004

Thursday 3rd September 2015
1) Added Did Ralph McQuarrie's Knobby White Spider concept help inspire Cameron's Alien Queen?
Wednesday 2nd September 2015
1) Added Giger's still birth machine (1976)'s relationship to Ernst Fuchs Observatorium 1965.
2) Added Giger's still birth Machine III (1977) and its relationship to Fuchs'  "Samson finds the carcass of the lion"

Tuesday 1st September 2015
1) Added page about Giger's Pump Excursion painting series which shows of the concept of whether the man is about the blow his brains out or is he an American Indian playing a flute.

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