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Monday 31st August 2015
1) Separated a section Vlad Tepes (1978)'s foundations in a Hugo Steiner-Prag illustration for The Golem from the article about Giger's Vlad Tepes, (1978) which is linked to the page
2) Also separated the section Change from Micky Mouse to Vlad The Impaler
from  Giger's Vlad Tepes, (1978) but still it is linked to the page.

Sunday 30th August 2015
1) Added Vlad Tepes, 1978 which as it seems took Hugo Steiner-Prag's "Vice"as a starting point once again.
2) Vlad Tepes inspired the Eldon character in the "Fire and Stone" comic book series?

Saturday 29th August 2015
Added Biomechanoid III, 1974, memories of the mummy of the Rätisches Museum of Chur? 

Friday 28th August 2015
Okay, now I've discovered a picture of some little creation by Walter Pichler, "Gebäudemodell" in Ernst Fuchs' Architectura Caelestis book which Giger read and was very inspired by. So Giger would have been conscious of Pichler.

Sunday 23rd August 2015
1) Added Vincent Ward and Alien 3 which is still being developed

2) Added William Gibson on Alien just about his initial interests in the movie, and of course I'll be adding a page about his involvement in Alien 3

Friday 21st August 2015
1) Added a page about the Alien Warrior Heads, but there is nothing interestingly new to speak of there.
2) Added a page about Adding the queen to the life cycle, and once again, but there is nothing interestingly new to speak of there, it's all been seen before

Wednesday 19th August 2015
1) Hugo Steiner-Prag's "Vice" and "Aaron Wassertrum" inspire Biomechanic Landscape II (1976)

Tuesday 18th August 2015
1) Necronom IV As Hugo Steiner Prag's face of the golem
2) Created a name page for Hugo Steiner-Prag

Monday 17th August 2015
1) a) I've put a page up for my interpretation of Mordor VII.  I'm sorry to admit that there isn't very much to this comparison to Meyrink's The Golem , but it is the association which I mean and I've documented it. Perhaps something more will reveal itself in good time. Being sorry to admit one idea after another in relation to Giger's work must be the biggest part of the fun. b) However this evening I have also found an Golem illustration that Giger seems to have used as the basis for Mordor VII
2) Updated Brett's death in the Claw Room - Temple Environment with information from Cinefex #1

Sunday 16th August 2015
1) Rejuggled the contents of The Death of Parker page. What is mentally menacing about this thing is that Yaphet Kotto had some very abstract but interesting ideas about what's going on but he didn't have any insight into the actual behind the scenes special effects where his head gets demolished
2) Updated Alien production timeline: december 1978 with details from Alien call sheet 15 that has come to the surface that seems to coincidentally tie in with my adding to the Death Of Parker scene.

Saturday 15th August 2015
Updated The Death of Parker with information from Nick Allder about the special rig set up for the scene where Parker is killed

Wednesday 12th August 2015
Re-edited Evolution of space jockey from Egyptian Of The Dead: The Henu Barque

Monday 10th August 2015
Have attempted to replace all non quoted references to the Sokar Funerary Barque with Henu Barque although either terms apply still to the object. it's just shorter.

Friday 7th August 2015
Updated the list of the Depictions of the Sokar Funerary Barque with images for each link

Thursday 6th August 2015
1) Added a page for Zdzislaw Beksinski which will be further developed
2) Added a page Martin Rezard's Fifield 02 inspired by Zdzisław Beksiński's Creeping Death ?
3) Updated The Fifield Monster, barely beginning to do a write up about the general creation process for The Fifield entity but really I am not happy with the whole story of what went on because it's so fragmented, or it seems that nothing really much has been shared by those involved that would give the whole story any coherency
Wednesday 5th August 2015 

1) Added a page with photos of Alien premieres at the Egyptian Theatre

Tuesday 4th August 2015
1) Added Modern Sokar Funerary barque at Hollywood Egyptian Theatre 
2) Added Ridleygram of The Space Jockey Chair shows more inspiration from the Sokar Funerary Barque and also Moebius?  (I am starting to wonder if Moebius had seen the Sokar Funerary Barque at the Egyptian Theatre which looks like almost a pharaoh with his body covered by a triangle standing on the back of a giant bird with no wings and a banana shaped body.) 

Sunday 2nd August 2015
Added Duncan Jones and "Alien"
Added Gareth Edwards (director of Godzilla (2014)) and his relationship with "Alien"

Saturday 1st August 2015
1) Added statement about comparison to uterine cysts in Giger's National Park's comparison to the uterus
2) Added an interpretation of Giger's painting ZDF 

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