February 2016

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29th February 2016
1) Added a page about Max Ernst's painting Max Ernst's Celebes but it still needs to be developed
2) Added an index page for Max Ernst 
3) Added Giger's Anima Mia references by Max Ernst's Celebes
4) Added the beginnings of Giger Lexicon

28th February 2016
1)  Added chat about Alien with Ridley Scott from "Behind Closed Doors with Ridley Scott" interview
2) Added another twist as I journey down the Giger/Dali/Picasso rabbit hole through Anima Mia that might be a U-bend in the toilet or some such place. Dali payed homage to Guernica and Giger knew about it and integrated elements from that into Anima Mia as well. What else is there. I don't know, we'll wait for what else might come (HR Giger: Dalis debris of automobile....)
3) Updated Possession: The Beast in a Berlin movie with interview information from an issue of Starburst , and also corrected a statement about looking at images of golems from Prague when I had accidently typed Mars instead of Prague.

25th February 2016
1) Added an index for the Egyptian beast god Bes.
2) Corrected the title Incorporating the Pantheistic winged Bes in Spell I changing II to I
3) Added to the page about Pazuzu.
4) Added Alien: Helen Mirren auditioned for Ripley
5) Added Foundations in Dali's Portrait of Portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles (1932) to Erotomechanics VII

23rd February 2016
1) Added another quote from David Cronenberg about Dan O'Bannon borrowing from his film Shivers for Alien from the A masterclass with David Cronenberg - YouTube to Alien vs Shivers vs High-Rise

22nd February 2016
1) Updated Prometheus: Noomi: Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw with information from Scifi Now #67, p20
2) Added Possession: The Beast from Andrzej Zulawski's Berlin movie
3) Added Rambaldi's beast for Possession and HR Giger's Mordor VII
4) Added Alien vs High-Rise

17th February 2016
1) Added HR Giger's N.Y. City XVI 1981 (work:476) Homage to Jackson Pollock's "Pasiphae"
2) Added detail about Biomechanical Landscape (1979) being possibly inspired by Pollock's "Mural"
3) Added Aliens : Designing the side view of the Alien Queen

16th February 2016
1) Added a page as an index for information to do with Eraserhead 

15th February 2016
1) Added HR Giger's Anima Mia (1980/81) (work 487) ( Giger reinterpret's Pablo Picasso's Guernica tempered with Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants)
2) Added information from Necronomicon II, p56, New York City 1977 to Alien vs Eraserhead

13th February 2016
1) Added a comment by writer Anthony Peake about waves leading to the statement that "In space nobody can hear you scream"
2) Added a page for writer Anthony Peake

12th February 2016
1) Added to Biomechanic landscape I (work-297) 1976 information about the integration of a Nativity scene 

11th February 2016
1) Added a page about the stomach burster from Humanoids of the deep

9th February 2016
1) Created  a page The Treasures Of Tutenkhamun (1976)
2) Identified the presence of a guillotine and Henry VIII in Biomechanic landscape I (work-297) 1976

8th February 2016
Created an index page for Jean Cocteau articles

7th February 2016
Added image of multifaced head from Jean Cocteau's Testament of Orpheus to Giger's Necronom II.

5th February 2016
Updated Mordor II  Having earlier noticed Hans Bellmer doll associations with the image, I have decided that it is a  statuette of a seated Cthulhu held in hands, and the head of the beast has been transformed into a male member.

3rd February 2016
1) Added detail about  The Sea Bishop and the Sea Monk to Mordor vi (work-282) 197

2nd February 2016
1) Added S. T. Joshi on Lovecraft's influence on Alien
2) Added S. T. Joshi and Lovecraft's influence on Prometheus
3) Added an index page for articles relating to S. T Joshi

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