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Friday 29th January 2016
1) Added segment from High-Rise Q&A with Ben Wheatley to Alien vs Shivers and altered the title to Alien vs Shivers vs High-Rise because the question comes to surface about  Shivers  possibly being inspired by JG Ballard's fiction leading up to High-Rise. Possibly the question is only interesting because it's Ben Wheatley who made the High-Rise movie, whether he is right or wrong, while throwing water on the fire by adding a quote from David Cronenberg: Interview with Seth Gr├╝nberg on the matter of when he started reading Ballard's work.

Thursday January 28th 2016
1) Added N.Y. City XVII Crowley 1981 (work 467) (Nommo archetype merging with Darth Vader)
2) Added Jim Camerons derelict ship drawing

Wednesday January 27th 2016 
1) Updated National Park (1975) with comparison to  Jean Cocteau's "Reveries of Opium" (1938) and Dali's The Great Masturbator. 

Tuesday , January 26th 2016
1) Restructures the Mordor V (work 281) adding a section about the drawings of the Nommo being at the core of the image (See: Nommo from Sirius)

Monday January 25th 2016
1) Added exploration of Mordor VI (work-282) (1975) 
2) Continued with writeup in HR Giger's Mordor Series 
3) Added note about six eyed face in National Park being possibly inspired by a Kubin illustration

Sunday January 24th 2016 
1) Added to exploration of Mordor V (work 281) : Did the latter manage to inspire the final look of David Lynch's Dune 3rd Stage Guild Navigator?
2) Added Chestburster experience as a reflection of an altered state from a youtube interview with Anthony Peake who is a writer about borderline consciousness (See also anthonypeake.com )
3) Did writeup about Mordor paintings so far as I have explored them on HR Giger's Mordor Series

Saturday January 23rd 2016
1) Rewrote and added to Alien: Summoner of the demon with information from the Dan O'Bannon interview from Fangoria,#239, p38
2) Added Dan O'Bannon on Aliens with information from the Dan O'Bannon interview from Fangoria,#239, p38
3) Added: AVP: Ron Shusett and Dan O'Bannon's involvement since I found an O'Bannon interview in Fangoria,#239, p38 which had some things to say
4) Added to Paul W.S. Anderson boards AvP with information from Fangoria #235, p44 )
5) Added exploration of Mordor V (work 281) (Mermaid's purse contents transforming into skin wrapped meat products by way of sausage stuffing machine with a handle transforming into a squid, while shark egg yolk turns into buttocks faced puffer fish transforming into a haggis beast blowing like the north wind? )

Thursday January 21st 2016
1) Added: The Narcissus and Garage
2) Added index name page for Clive Barker 
3) Added index page for Giger's Mordor series
4) Added Alien: Chris Foss' Planetoid landscape, pyramid and shaft.
5) Updated Alien 3: Havent a clue about Bishop 2 with information from Lance Henrisken interview in SFX#115, 2016
6) Added Aliens: Bishop the Android

Wednesday, January 20th 2016
1) Organised page for Chris' Foss Derelict Ship Exterior  giving sepaerate pages for all the separate images

Tuesday, January 19th 2016
1) Made separate page for Alien: Six Million Dollar Man Inspires Ash the robot that was previously a part of Unleashing human disguised androids and this has created a bit of an odd problem because now there are two pages about the same thing, one detailing how ideas for the Ash seemed to have been drawing from the second Six Million Dollar Man story featuring a robot (see Alien: The Development of Ash via The Six Million Dollar Man). Eventually the two will be merged together.
2) Added more material to and re-edited Clive Barker and Alien 3
3) Created an index page for anything to do with The Six Million Dollar Man tv series
4) Finished creating the index for Chris Foss' early Nostromo concepts, with each image in the index linked to the relevant pages

Monday , January 18th 2016
1) Added a summary for HR Giger's Mordor iv (work 280)1975 and a note about how Jethro Tull had become merged with Dali's The Enigma Of William Tell. So it seems that Giger had played with some word associations.

Sunday, January 17th 2016
1) Added Clive Barker and Alien 3
2) Added a note about the idea parallelism happening between JG Ballard High-Rise and David Cronenberg's Shivers to Alien vs Shivers (Inspired by Shivers?) which was formerly "Alien: Inspiration from Shivers?"
3) Added Terry Gilliam inquires about Alien's finance

Friday, January 15th 2016
1) Added HR Giger's Witches Dance (1977) inspired by Marcel Duchamp's Fountain (1917)
2) Added index page for HR Giger's Witches Dance (1977)
3) Created a name page for David Lynch  
4) Added HR Giger's Mordor IV: Inspired by Jethro Tull and their album Aqualung? 

Thursday , January 14th 2016
1) Slightly updated Alien vs Eraserhead with a quote from David Lynch about comparisons between Alien and Eraserhead
2) Added HR Giger's Witches Dance Inspired by Max Ernst's "Robing of the bride"

Sunday, January 10th 2016
1) Added quote from  Cive Barker's A to Z of Horror to Giger's Landscapes XIV, XVIII, XIX and XX as Giger talks about Landscape XVIII work215

Saturday, January 9th 2016
1) Added: Necronom III evolving into a diving bell

Friday, January 8th 2016
1) Added a page for Ron Cobb's Nostromo Lander - Owl design
2) Also made a page for Ron Cobb's dropship artwork for Aliens

Thursday January 7th 2016
1) Added a link from Ron Cobb's art to Ron Cobb's Space Jockey

Wednesday January 6th 2016
1) Created an index page for the movie Xtro. Nothing much there apart from a link to the makers of Attack of the Block chatting away erroneously about that film, which isn't surprising since one had only seen photos and the other had only seen bits of the movie, and that bit of chat was tied in with slightly erroneous chat about Alien too. Had they been drinking at the pub before hand?
2) Added Xtro: An alien lifecycle

Tuesday January 5th 2016
1) Added descriptions of Necronom III
2) Added to Alien 5: Sigourney's dreams of continuing Alien words about Paul Anderson's words about his interest in making an Alien movie from back in August 2004

Monday January 4th 2016
1) Updated HR Giger's Necronom III: World War II bomber gunner pod
with information for comparisons between the large head features and rear Lancaster bomber gun turrets

Sunday January 3rd 2016
1) Beginning to write about the development of  Dan O'Bannon and Ron Shusett's script Total Recall. Perhaps there is not much to write about, but of course when Dan O'Bannon and Ron Shusett decided that they would work on the script togethr was as the same time that they agreed to work on Alien
See: Total Recall: Planning to write the script
2) Added: HR Giger's Necronom III: World War II bomber gunner pod
comparing images of WW2 bomber plane blister/ ball gun turrets to Giger's Necronom III 

Saturday January 2nd 2016
1) Added HR Giger's The Spell I: Vestigial remains of Jesus Christ Superstar?  to HR Giger's The Spell I  (work 237) (1973-1974)
2) Added Alien: Giger Tell Mia "Quit your job, Hollywood just called"
3) Added Alien: Ridley, Carroll And Giler visit Giger in Switzerland
4) Added Alien: Giger flies to london for a meeting at Ridly Scott Associates.

Friday January 1st 2016 
Added: The Spell II (work 238) (1974) (Mad magazine fold-in, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and early Virgin record label)

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