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March 2016

30th Match 2016
Added Giger's Homage To S.Beckett inspired by Dali's The Great Masturbator

29th March 2016
1) Sibylle Ruppert's "Au-delà des lames"(1981) references Giger's Biomechanical Landscape HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape (work 297) has now been given its own page having previously been a part of the page about HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape (work 297) and has slightly been updated. 
2) Meanwhile a link from the page about Giger's painting HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape (work 297) has been corrected, since there was supposed to be a link to a page showing comparisons with the work of Holbein and for some reason the link just went back to the main page about the painting. It was the other that it was done and well, no one seemed to have noticed

22nd March 2016
1) Slightly updated Alien: The Egg Silo and The Derelict Squeezed Into One discussing the oddity of the egg silo/ derelict ship mystery. Yes, it would be lovely to rewrite the whole thing and I wish there were new things to discover but it's mostly the idea of refining statements based on what has been known about for the last few decades.
2) Added photo of Agitprop style murals featured in Clockwork Orange to William Gibson and Alien 3

21st March 2016
1) Added Sibylle Ruppert's The Last Ride inspires Giger's Poltergeist II's The Great Beast
2) Added a name page for Sibylle Ruppert and from there a link to Biomechanical Landscape I which shows signs of Giger's work having inspired elements of her painting "Au-delà des lames

16th March 2016
1) Added details from DP_30  (2 Oct 2015),
to Bolaji Badejo from the Gold Coast and Alien Covenant: Questions about God and Paradise Lost
2) Added Alien: Kubrick wanted to know about the chestburster scene.

15th March 2016
1. Added further information to the Spielberg section in Alien: Other directors approached
about his response to reading the Alien script

14th March 2016
1. Slight update to Alien Resurrection : Signing Jeunet On. using information from Jean-Pierre Jeunet By Scott Tobias Oct 31, 2001)
2. Added Alien Resurrection: Newborn 
3. Added Newborn maquette with head inspired by Chris Hall's concept art
4. Added Newborn maquette with a skull face 
5. Added Newborn maquette snarling with large eye sockets  
6. Added Newborn maquette with eyes like nostrils  
7. Added Maquette of the final Newborn 
8. Added Painted maquette of the final newborn

11th March 2016

1) Okay well I have updated Alien: Hunt for the Director a bit because there are two talks by him on youtube although one is being spoken over in Spanish so it's sometimes guess work trying to find out what he is saying. New parts added today from FICVIÑA 2012 · PRESENTACION SANDY LIEBERSON _ PARTE 4 and Sandy Lierberson in Master Class ESPACI J&B) The page has been renamed Greenlighting, and what was there earlier in the day has now has been broken up so that the paragraph about the other directors approached is to be found on its own page linked from "Ridley Scott comes aboard" page linked at the very top, and the material about Ridley becoming involved has been moved to "Script out of the blue" renamed "Ridley Receives the script" linked from the same page and I don't know how long that latter named page will continue to have that name. Meanwhile the page "Alien: Ridley Comes aboard" has been deleted and the links from that page have all been moved to Alien: Production Begins

7th March 2016
1) Added a comparison to a piece Kimberley rock art to Gigers Assuan (1972) inspired by Picasso's Guernica and added "Nourlangie rock art in Kakadu in Australia" to the title of that page.

6th March 2016
1) Added : HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) (1976)

4th March 2016
1) Added : Alex Jones and Prometheus   
2) Added : LA Marzulli on Prometheus
(Yes, I admit that this is all going down the conspiracy rabbit hole but the Prometheus script seems to have created an arena of discussion with various types on some strange fringes of reality where it is being taken very seriously in some curious ways.)
3) Updated the section dealing with"Illuminatus"  Jon Spaihts who was the first scriptwriter for Prometheus
4) Added Giger's Assuan (1972) inspired by (Picasso's Guernica (1937)

1st March 2016
1) I re-edited the page about the development of the original cocoon scene since some of the text seemed misplaced and lacking in any coherency at all.
2) Greg Orme on Prometheus from 29th February 2016 episode of Coast to Coast AM radio show

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