A trail of film posters featuring triangles, some with glowing pinks and purples

leading from

a) Back in the end of August in 2018 the poster was released and on Twitter film journalist David Hughes began to notice that certain film posters were displaying certain similarities to one another

"Did all movie poster designers die or.." he wrote above the Hollow Body poster in his blu-ray post, and getting to the Mandy poster he wrote "I mean, c’mon" and then beneath the words "Not to mention", he posted  the " Bliss!"" poster.



Poster for "Hollow Body" (Film released 19 October 2018)

Poster for Bliss!
b) By November he noticed that the poster for Kin displayed such similarities and typed "What!" comparing it to the images above. I have to say that when I was trying to buy a copy of the Mandy film on blu-ray in Fopp, I had some trouble trying to avoid looking at the cover of Kin mistaking it for Mandy because the colours and the idea of a triangle dominating the cover made them look too similar.

Poster for Kin (Film released 30 August 2018)

c) David Hughes was still caught in the confusion stating "I can’t stop looking at these posters " (https://twitter.com/DavidHughesTwit/status/1035802704327700481)

Devillefilm on Twitter responded by posting the old Force Of One film poster featuring Chuck Norris from 1979, that displayed a similar triangle, but without the dayglow effect,(https://twitter.com/devillefilm/status/1035776830760992769) to which David Hughes responded on September 1st the first by posting the poster for the film The Neon Demon from 2016, there was a film Neon Demon which displayed the triangular form.

A Force of One (Film released 21 June 1979)

Neon Demon (film released 2016)

d) But keeping in tune with these recent spout of similar posters, we might also look at this other Neon Demon poster from 2016, and perhaps acknowledge the cult status of its director Nicolas Winding Refn.

If it should mean anything at all, cinematographer Natasha Braier's view on the whole matter of triangles was to say  "We were inspired by the work of James Turrell. He’s a sculptor of light, but an architect too. His works become, for me, sacred spaces. That reference gave the triangle in The Neon Demon a subliminal touch of the spiritual as well." `(https://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/jul/04/inside-the-weird-world-of-the-neon-demon)

Neon Demon (film released 23 June 2016)

e) To which Daniel Benneworth-Gray‏ posted in response to David Hughes' post, "there's a lot of it about", posting the posters for The Void and High Rise which both came out in 2016 

(Released 21 March 2017)

f) The use of triangles and pyramids in the film the void has been partially discussed in interviews about The Void, but Jeremy Gillespire who co-directed The Void mentioned that "All of this stuff relating to pyramids and triangles is left ambiguous, for the audience to interpret as they would, intentionally.
(See: https://exclaim.ca/film/article/the_void_jeremy_gillespie_steven_kostanski_suicide_squad_guillermo_del_toro"

(Released 18 March 2016)
 g) The idea of triangles in the poster erupted back in 2016 in the form of the poster for High Rise

h.i) We find a proposal for the poster for Aliens (1986) (Here called Aliens The Return ( from the Feref collection)  
Little White Lies website have a nice scan of the whole thing from the Feref collection
(Thanks to Adrian McKenna for posting his own copy of the poster on Twitter alerting me to the triangular motif of this Aliens poster proposal on August 6th 2023 See: https://twitter.com/AdrianMcKenna14/status/1688155264778731520/photo/1)

i) We can look back to 1971 for the most significant use of the triangles back in film history which more or less started it off with the film's sense of anarchy

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