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Thursday 28th September 2016
1) Added: Sylvain Despretz's skullship concept art from Superman Lives echoes Giger's Alien Derelict ship exterior painting

Tuesday 27th September 2016
1) Added: Space jockey suit by Richard Funston.  He was part of the art department for Prometheus and I suddenly found his posts from the 23rd of September at the Weyland Yutani Bulletin

Monday 26th September 2016
1) Added DiStephano's costumeVriess' costume . Hillard's costume , Christie's costume , Elgyn's costume from Alien Resurrection which is just images copied from 
2) Expanded on: "Alien resurrection: Signing Jeunet on" 

Saturday 24th September 2016
1) Created a page Alien: Temple Of Mysteries as an index dealing with the mysteries in the various ideas to do with Alien, and the page starts with a paragraph summarizing the mysteries
2) Summation paragraph added to Alien: Key to Mother

Friday 23rd September 2016
1) Added Alien:Ash's Nostromo flight suit, Alien: Nostromo emergency suit, Alien vs Predator: Requiem: Alien Warrior Screen Used Head with Tongue, and ADI's Newborn Rod Puppet which is just material copied from
2) Added: Alien: Nostromo deck plan loosely echoes Kabbalah tree of life? which is just a few notes to be expanded on later 
3) Added: Alien 3: Cpl Dwayne Hicks' dead body which is more copy and paste from Propstore.

Thursday 22nd September 2016
1) Added: Alien 3: Morse's (Danny Webb) hooded overcoat, Alien 3: Kevin's (Phil Davis) prisoner outfit, Alien 3: Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) prison uniform and Alien 3: Eric's (Niall Buggy) costume from Alien 3, and these pages would be nothing more than photos and information transplanted from Propstore.
2) Added: Alien: Garage plans hand drawn in pencil , and Alien: Key to Mother 
which is more stuff from Propstore as well.
3) Added: Alien Resurrection: Dr Wren (J.E. Freeman) Animatronic Bust which is more copy and paste from Propstore as well.
4) Added: Prometheus : Engineer head and Prometheus: Dead engineer head  which is more copy and paste from Propstore also.

Wednesday 21st September 2016
1) Added: The secret weapon from "Our Man In Havana" just to show the images from the movie of the drawing and also the mechanical toy shown at the end of the film.
2) Added:  Dan O'Bannon meets Ron Cobb part 1 and Dan O'Bannon meets Ron Cobb part 2. Eventually I'll get around to writing about the movie Dark Star and so the two stories about Dan's meetings with Ron would take place before and during the making of Dark Star

Tuesday 20th September 2016
1) Created  Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train bomb references Giger (work 147) Felt Pen Drawing (work 147) ? to seperate the comparison between Giger's Felt Tip Drawing work 147 and Kirby's Lemurian train bomb from Jack Kirby's Lemurian train bomb references Giger's Necronom IX, and Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the evening - Hope! ?  and added a word to a comparison between the train bomb and a canister vacuum cleaner echoing the possible main point of reference for Giger's felt tip drawing.
2) Added Jack Kirby's Lemurian train bomb as an index page for articles relating to this 

Monday 19th September 2016
1) Added Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) references Ernst Fuchs' Triumph of the Unicorn?
2) Added a main page too for HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) 
3) Added Felt Pen Drawing by Giger (work 147) by Giger references Cuban doomsday weapon from "Our Man In Havanna"? (Many thanks to Xevi S for posting a photograph of a not very interesting hoover/vacuum cleaner forcing me to want claim it was a Cuban Doomsday weapon and then this made me think again once I found a photo from the mentioned movie) So this would actually count as one of the derelict ship's ancestors 
4) Added: "Alien: From Our Man In Havana to the Derelict Ship"

Sunday 18th September 2016
1) Added Krups Coffina 223 coffee grinder
Nothing new to add that hasn't been said in an article at but it needed to be placed here.  
2) Edited: Patrick Tatopoulos to link up with pages about his work for Alien vs Predator and Independence Day, since I met him in the Forbidden Planet megastore in central yesterday by chance. Obviously I would like to expand it somehow.

Saturday 17th September 2016
1) Added: Alien Resurrection: Auriga (The Crucifix Ship)
2) Added: Alien Resurrection: Designing The Final Auriga (exterior)
3) Added: Alien Resurrection: Auriga as a page to act as an index for the articles about The Auriga 

Thursday 15th September 2016
1) Added: Giger's "Mordor V" and James Gleeson's "The Betrothal Of Two Classic Edifices" 
 reference 'Perseus' by Edward Burne-Jones from 1888.
2) Updated Giger's Mordor V (1975) with basic summary of impressions written in blue.

Wednesday 14th September 2016
1) Added another photo to Alien premieres at the Egyptian Theatre, this time, it's a photo of the front of the cinema from the other side of the road, as shared on Vintage Los Angeles  on Facebook.
2) Added: Alien Vs Predator : Miniature Alien Egg which is just a copied and pasted information from, so you might have seen it before and then went onto the next thing a second later
3) Added: Alien vs Predator: Alien Static Egg Miniature which is just a copied and pasted information from, again
4) Added: Alien vs Predator: Alien Warrior Insert Attack Head
and the experience of posting the photos reminded me of the beginning of thunderbirds where they present abstract shots of Thunderbirds 2 etc.
5) Added: Aliens vs Predator: Alien chestburster puppet
6) Added: Alien vs Predator: Alien Queen 1/3 scale Crown
7) Added: Alien Warrior Insert Attack Head
8) Added: Partial Grid Alien head
9) Added: Alien Vs Predator: Aliens as used in the film as an index page for the various creature items used in the actual movie itself

Tuesday 13th September 2016
1) Added: No Marc Caro alien although there isn't much to be said there and yes, it would be lovely to see a drawing by Marc Caro of an alien but, it doesn't look as if there's an image coming any time soon, and perhaps this might be one of the biggest oversight after Giger's alien beast for Alien 3 was never used. Ever since watching Delicatessen, I've probably spent time wondering about an alien in that post-apocalyptic environment and perhaps it was cleverly disguised itself as an old iron radiator to avoid being seen.
2) Added a page for anything mentioning Marc Caro indexing anything to do with him.

Monday 12th September 2016
1) Added: Aliens: Sgt Apone's uniform, Aliens: Civilian grey shirt and trousers and Aliens: "Victory by wings" patch which are nothing more than a copy and past job from the Propstore auctions with nothing new to add, but I thought it might be a good thing to document these things on the blog
2) Added: Propstore's Alien Warrior suit which is another thing from their auction, and what they have there is something only partially the original suit, and pieces made up as replacements
along with Kane's Space Suit which features most of the original space suit but some parts are replacements
3) Added: Alien Resurrection: Alien stunt head prop (Genuine?) and well I don't know how real it is as part of the productio. Looking at these things on the internet, it might be like being shown a photo of a Chupacabra head and being expected to believe it is really one.
4) Added: John Fasano's Predalien sketch now that I've found an image of the actual picture itself rather than the reproduction from the book on iCollector.
5) Added Alien Queen Concept Art which are basically the well known development sketches by Stan Winston and Jim Cameron, nothing new there as far as I can see.
6) Continued developing Alien 3 Parallels with Koji Suzuki's novel Ring and still not sure what to make of the matter or even why I am writing about the thing to the degree that it's almost painful to think about it, but there is a ghost of an idea somewhere there that continues to float around.
7) A question might be why I haven't gone ahead and included the idea that the Alien Queen is developed from this six legged feline concept for a creature called Mother in an earlier script by Jim Cameron that later was adapted for Avatar that the Strangeshapes blog has come up with as a connection some time ago. My response would be that I simply haven't really gone along with the idea, whether it's realistic connection or not. I might get through the whole exploration of the earlier development of Jim Cameron's script and be in complete agreement, but I haven't got there yet any my subconscious hasn't been shoving strange little other dimensional messages through my head to say one thing or another about it. However a question might be what Jim Cameron based this early concept for a creature on.

Sunday 11th September 2016 
1) Added : HR Giger's Space I (1976) (work 328) references Gerry Anderson's UFO series' Skydiver with Submarine? I've been looking through toy vehicles related to Gerry Anderson TV productions and then I start looking at Sky Diver from the TV series UFO which I watched as a child and the production lasted from 16 September 1970 – 24 July 1971. This vehicle is a submarine with an aircraft attached to its nose that detaches and flies. And I started to think about how this connected with the ideas that I was having about the painting which I thought had elements of planes fused to submarines integrated along with the Fisher Frice Family Airport toy set and perhaps the idea and elements of the vehicle design have crawled into the painting.
2) Added Alien: Facehugger Drawing Attributed To Ron Cobb. Well, I don't actually know if it's by Rob Cobb at all but the question remains  and it's being treated as official concept at by the EMP Museum in Seattle
3) Have been continuing with Alien 3 Parallels with Koji Suzuki's novel Ring and I have to admit that it's something rather hard for me to write about since we're dealing with only vague impressions, such as a dream like vision leading to someone with the experience of a curse that the only way to not die from the infection is to pass the chestburster on to someone else and thinking that whatever connections they might be, the film makers were not really thinking about Ring in any particular depths, but just a blurred suggestion of an idea that someone talked about in a summarized form. I really didn't want to publish it before it was finished but it seemed best for me to publish the basic statement and let it change over the following days.
4) Added Developing the story of Ring, a summation of what Koji Suzuki has said about the creation of his novel Ring.
5) Transformed the title of the page "Riddle of the alien 3 beast with 4 legs" into Giger works on Alien 3, otherwise people might not have much of a clue about what the page was supposed to be about.
Saturday10th September 2016
Added: Alien 3 Parallels with Koji Suzuki's novel Ring and would like to do more with it. Parallels might be there but the link would be so generalised

Wednesday 7th February 2016
Added: Messrs Giler and Hill vs Dan O'Bannon, the battle for screenwriting credit and spent the night continuing to update it noticing the odd patterns in Walter Hill's statements building up. I would like Hill to have his full point of view known whatever there is to be said about it.

Monday 5th September 2016
1) Looking further at the alien warrior drawings credited to Despretz, suddenly I notice that a drawing from ADI shows a signature that I couldn't see before, Art Lee short for Arthur Lee who seems to have been an uncredited concept artist for the production and this might be the artist indeed ( See conversation I alter the page about these drawings and upload the drawings again with Art Lee's name attached and Despretz' name removed. See Art Lee as imdb for credits
2) Added Giger's Necronom IV references Bernard Villemot's Paris 3.4.5 - Oct. 1955- VI Congrès International des clubs de publicité ? See yesterday's note

Sunday 4th September 2016
1) Had a shock seeing a 1955 poster by Bernard Villemot that seemed suspiciously similar to Giger's Necronom IV in a way that was different from the rest. I run a page devoted to Villemot where I've been collecting his artwork together and it runs well despite the fact that his images are well known globally, but perhaps not his actual name which is well known in France.
2) Someone named Germán Del Gallego on Facebook was able to inform me that the information regarding drawings of the Alien warrior for Alien: Resurrection being credited to Sylvain Despretz in the Alien Resurrection production is wrong and I wondered for the rest of the day what to make of that while I was out. It's true that it all seemed rather shaky but what am I supposed to know. I would like to know more. I don't have a direct quote from Sylvain himself but am thankful to Germán for pointing out this issue. 

Saturday 3rd September 2016
After discovering a space age sleeping giant head image by Metal Hurlant artist Philippe Caza, I discovered that he did a story for the comic book based on the story of Alien called Alien (Ou les enfants, le pere et l'autre) in French in 1983 for (Metal Hurlant 104) and I have attempted to translate it.

Thursday 1st September 2016
While looking for a decent photo of Ron Cobb from 1969 that isn't property of his website on google, I suddenly came upon a book cover that seemed rather Alien Queen like from 1985, it was posted on a blog that had an article about Cobb's book Colorvision.  So I've added: Aliens: Alien Queen design inspired by cover art by Dan LaMountain for "Protectorate" (1985)?

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