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Wednesday 30th November 2016
1) Added: Picasso's Guernica references George Grosz Skat Players and Delville's Treasures of Satan?
2) Added: Descendants of Delville's Treasures of Satan
3) Added a name page for Otto Dix the painter

Tuesday 29th November 2016
1) Had a sudden realisation that Picasso's Guernica also appeared to reference Otto Dix's "The Skat Players - Card Playing War Invalids", so Guernica has a sort of a descent from Delville's Treasures of Satan, and Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope absorbs elements from these paintings just as Gleeson would with Galaxy and of course Lam would with Eternal Present. It might make on wonder exactly what was going on here with these connections and then later Giger would add a painting of his own taking elements from all of these different things. It becomes complicated and bizarre little tradition that evolved with various artists merging the works of those who had in some way done their own versions of the painting earlier and finding Guernica as part of it is almost very weird. Not expecting it to tie in with any form of conspiracy but an interesting form of evolution. Apart from the petroglyph in Australia, what else might have led to Delville's Treasures of Satan.  

Monday 28th November 2016
1) Added:  HR Giger's "Witches Dance" references Wifredo Lam's The Eternal Present (An Homage to Alejandro García Caturla) (1944)

Sunday 27th November 2016
1) Added: HR Giger: "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour" referenced in Vlad Tepes
2) Continuing to edit: HR Giger's Vlad Tepes (1978)

Saturday 26th November 2016
1) Added: Mati Klarwein's cover for the 1970s Miles Davis album Witches Brew absorbed into Landscape XVI painted in 1972? 
2) Started to wonder if Giger's Vlad Tepes references the characters from Banana Splits Adventure Hour show that ran from 1968-1970. (No page yet)

Friday 25th November 2016
1) Added Giger's Necronom II references Mickey Mouse?

Wednesday 23rd, November 2016
1) Added to: HR Giger's Spell II Work 238 information about Wifredo Lam's La Noce being referenced in the painting and had been referenced in an illustration by Jack Kirby that was referenced in the Giger painting too

Tuesday, 22nd, November 2016 
1) Looking at J G Ballard covers and so have come to understand that the "Wind From Nowhere" cover penguin from 1967 by Alan Aldridge was referenced by Giger for his 1972/1973 painting Aleph, but haven't got a definite understanding about the way he used it, other than for general curve formations. (See H R Giger's Aleph (1972-1973))
2) Added a name page for Enki Bilal and added information to Alien : Moebius' derelict exterior
and Alien Resurrection : Auriga Crucifix Ship about the likely use of an illustration by Enki Bilal as reference for both spaceship designs. 

Monday, 21st November, 2016 
1) Updated: The "Independence Day" biomechanical suit:  Which concept to follow? & The Creature within with text from (The Art of the Making of Independence Day Resurgence. 
2) Created a new page for and expanded the section on:  "The skin of the bear" section from " ID4: The Creature within"
3) Found an image by Enki Bilal for Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles from 1975, and realised that it was used as reference for Moebius' Alien derelict ship in 1978 and then for Nigel Phelps'  "crucifix ship" version of the Auriga for Alien Resurrection. (no page yet)

Sunday, 20th November, 2016
1) Updated "Changes to the script" in Just like "Fire In The Sky"

Friday, 18th November, 2016
1) Added: Giger's Landscape XXVII references Lawrence Ratzkin's illustration for J G Ballard's Crash? Fully aware that probably hardly anyone will have a clue what I'm talking about, but it's there.
2) Added: HR Giger's Lord of the Rings II references Max Ernst's Eye of Silence by way of J G Ballard's Crystal World?
3) Edited and altered the first paragraph of The development of Necronom IV
4) Added: Jack Kirby's The Living Totem as reference for the Alien suit? 

Thursday, 17th November, 2016 
1) Found a character illustrated by Jack Kirby that was a living totem pole and think that this character was something that interested Giger when he created his Alien monster for the movie. (No page yet.)
2) Re-edited: Alien: The end of the line and back to the distant past.

Wednesday, 16th November, 2016
1)  Had the realisation coming from another level of reality that Giger referenced some of the images from JG Ballard's novels and I suddenly realised that a Max Ernst painting used for The Crystal World was referenced in Giger's painting Lord of the Ring II. (No page yet.)
2) The messages from another level of reality reveal that Giger's Landscape XXVII references the cover illustration for Crash by Lawrence Ratzkin showing a car that's also a female body. But it's difficult to show how this is so. (No page yet.)

Tuesday, 15th November 2016
1) Re-edited "Alien: Unlocking the design of the Space Jockey", adding images to the links to help navigation, because otherwise one could look at the list of links and think "I don't know what the hell that's all about" and that's it.

Monday, 14th November 2016
1) Added Alien Vs Predator: ADI Alien Warrior Maquette photos from Propstore
2) Added Small Engineer Ampule and Engineer ship ampule set to the Prometheus prop section, and it probably will be of no interest to anyone really
3) Added the paragraph "Assembling the ideas for the Space Jockey to "Alien: Unlocking the design of the Space Jockey"

Sunday, 13th November 2016 
1) Updated  "Aliens: Alien Queen concept art" and renamed it "Aliens: Creating the Alien Queen"

2) Added Aliens: Jim Cameron's Preproduction Alien Queen Artwork

Saturday, 12th November 2016
1) Updated Sculpting The Alien Costume, namely the part about the addition of opposing thumbs and how it might relate to Arthur C Clarke's Childhood End.

Thursday, 10th, November 2016
1) Realised that Dali's "Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity (1954) by Salvador Dalí" would have been a source of reference for the woman in  Vlad Tepes (1978) , with a vibrator up her rear 
2) Created a separate page for HR Giger's Vlad Tepes: Headdress on the verge of transforming into a Nautilus cephalopod

Wednesday, 9th, November 2016
1) Added Stephen King seen watching Alien 3
2) Added an index page for Stephen King
3) Recognised that one of the monstrous figures in Vlad Tepes (1978) , the creature with the labial ribbed head rest around its neck like an oversized collar referenced Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmations cartoon. Perhaps had the vague impression a few days before but then was able to match it up with a photo from the film. Does this mean that the two other main figures directly reference characters perhaps from Disney or some such thing?
4) Unanswerable question about where would Giger go for a starting point for an Alien Queen. Alien Monster V? Not that someone like Jim Cameron would have let him go that direction..

Tuesday, 8th November 2016
1) Updated Blade Runner: The City with a fragment from an interview with Ridley Scott published in Geekmonkey #14. More editing was done to the page to make the text a bit more coherent.
2) Giger's Vlad Tepes (1978) references Wifred Lam's Femme (1957)
3) Added an index page for Wifredo Lam
4) Re-worked the attempt to describe the Vlad Tepes painting in Transformations in Vlad Tepes (1978but still needs working on. Before it was just a vague confusing word sketch that seemed almost meaningless but I will need to work on it more. But yes, I obviously haven't got a clue about what half the things in it might be, although the interpretations given to Wifredo Lam's artwork are very interesting in terms of a Santerian imagery, etc.

Sunday. 6th November 2016. 
I went to see the movie Doctor Strange, and I thought about how the line of dailogue where Strange calls the main human villain as an "Asshole" fell as flat as when Winona Ryder as Call called the villain of that movie an "Asshole". There was a scene also where Strange found himself making a comment that found its way to insulting his ex-girlfriend's inability to have a child, that was disturbingly similar to an almost ill fittin argument Shaw and Holloway had in Prometheus , I felt that the sense of it seemed copied enough. I don't remember the exact words of the conversation though.

Friday. 4th November 2016
1) I'm making a connection between Lam's "La Noce", a scene from Jack Kirby's The Demon and Giger's The Spell II, and while Kirby appears to have referenced Lam, Giger referenced both of them along with other sources for his Spell II. No page added yet.
2) I'm making a connection between a Lam painting Femme from 1957 showing another horse woman and this painting was referenced in Vlad Tepes. No page added yet.

Wednesday. 2nd November 2016
I am in a bookshop looking for Tintin connections with Prometheus and then find Tintin and the Flight at 714. I notice a couple pages in the book showing a part of the story showing evidence of Von Daniken ideas, with a huge sculpture of an ancient alien head  and ancient wall images of flying saucers. The head opens up as an entrance into a tunnel. Does this mean the one in Prometheus opened up in the same way too? No page added yet.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016
1) I'm making a connection between a main one of the Lam's Femme-Cheval from 1948 and Giger's Necronom IV as if it's one of the main components dictating and general form of the Giger creature as an abstract humanoid form. Have I made the complete ring for that yet? Am I popping the Giger bubble yet after my visit to the Lam exhibition on Sunday? Perhaps there are more bubbles to pop.

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