Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: Alien Warrior Head

  • The Alien Warrior head mask is made of foam latex and measures approximately 24” x 19” x 38” (61cm x 48cm x 97cm). The bottom of the piece features a front zipper and snaps in the back, making the piece easy to connect/disconnect to the Alien suit. There are two eyeholes in the front of the neck made of black mesh for the mask wearer to see out of. Additionally, the Alien is fitted with a rare “Alien tongue” making for a fantastic display piece. The head mask has some wear due to production use and storage, with some visible alien blood. Over all in good condition and comes mounted on a white biscuit foam bust and stand. (

Side view of the head

Mouth with tongue sticking out

The Neck

The underside of the rear of the head

Underside of neck.

Rear side of head

Creature suit as seen in the movie

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