Album cover of William Onyeabor's "Crashes in Love" (1977) references Ernst Fuch's Triumph Of The Unicorn?

leading from

a) Going back to the William Onyeabor album cover "Crashes in Love" that I suspect was used as reference for Giger's Life Cycle Hieroglyphics which I suspect referenced Giger's earlier painting Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) which I believe was referenced in the recent Alien Covenant poster.

b) Together with that, the Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) appears to reference Ernst Fuch's Triumph Of The Unicorn. It seems to be quite curious to think the designer must have been a Fuchs fan, but it is possible. 

Ernst Fuchs' Triumph Of The Unicorn (1952)

detail from Ernst Fuchs' Triumph Of The Unicorn (1952)

c) 14th April 2017, I suddenly had this realisation that "Crashes in Love" album cover with it's logo for William Onyeabor appears to reference a top detail from "Triumph Of The Unicorn" which is quite astonishing really.

This appears to help form a nice little family of connections for those who want to surrealistically merge various pictures together in future compositions
William Onyeabor "Crashes in Love" album cover (1977)


d) So the ribbed bottom of the wall curving around the bottom of the central figure in Fuchs' picture transforms into the film tape legs of the logo character, his arms and upper torso into the W and the head into a disc. The ribbing beneath the wall in Fuchs' picture also turns into perforation pattern along the side of the circular strips containing the writing around the figure.

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