HR Giger's Necronom I (1976) references Panel from page 7 of Manhunter 'Stone of Vengeance" by Jack Kirby?

leading from
HR Giger's Necronom I (1976) 
Jack Kirby


 a) Necronom I (1976) by HR Giger

Necronom I


b) Panel from page 7 of Manhunter 'Stone of Vengeance" p44 The New Gods #10 (reprinted 1971) (Originally printed in Adventure comics #77 (1938)) by Jack Kirby




c)  One above the other




d)  Legs in the air become the rear upward slanting spikes

e) The hand would become the tongue and the satchel would become the eye tube



d) The legs of the man in the turban would becomr the metal rim going across the image




e) Rear legs and pipes etc going down towards the left



f) Comparable area

g)  Outreaching hand and motion trail become the downward curving pipes


h) The turbaned head become the bend in the three upper pipes leading into the forehead 

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