Alien Covenant: Creature face by Dan Hallet

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(Source :Dan Hallett -Artist Page on Facebook)
Dan Hallett intended this picture to be just on the other side of the tipping point of David the android's descent into madness.

For Dan, it had on foot in 'scientific' study, while the rest of it bordered on 'surreal nightmare'.

Perhaps one could compare it to various Beksinski's composition drawn in black and white dominated by large faces on the verge of disintegrating

He included also a secondary jaw as found on the tongue of the 'xenomorph' creature.
  1. Aaron Percival: What's the story behind this piece?
    Dane Hallett - Artist Page: In terms of the timeline of Davids descent into madness, I intended this one to be just on the other side of the 'madness' tipping point. So it's got one foot in 'scientific study', while the rest is bordering on 'surreal nightmare'. Had to have the Xeno-secondary jaw hinted in the void of the mouth haha
    Aaron Percival: Is one of David's drawings? When he's experimenting with the goo
    Dane Hallett : Yep. Every drawing is 'His'. And yeh, a pathogen experiment. Though, in the script it was more that the drawings detail Davids decent into madness and the images at times became grounded in science but more 'dark fantasy'. This is more in tune with the fantasy. 
    Aaron Percival: Thanks for the explanation, Dane! :)
    Dane Hallett - Artist Page: You got it! (Dan Hallett -Artist Page on Facebook responding to questions asked by Aaron Percival AKA Corporal Hicks of

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