Alien Covenant: Terrace with garden by Wayne Haag (Homage to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead)

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a) The terrace garden by Wayne Haag that appears to be a homage to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead, and that artist's work, as we can know from the podcast interview at AVPGalaxy with Wayne Haag was a point of discussion with Ridley during the production.

Either side of the huge circular building in the Engineer's city are these terraces with trees

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b) It shares enough with the third version of Isle of the Dead painting 1883

Isle of the Dead: Third version, 1883

c) A number of people might want to connect it with Giger's interest in Böcklin's Isle of the Dead, because of his painting that payed homage to the fifth version of Isle of the Dead, but there's also a wider appreciation for this symbolist painter than that so I'm not really connecting the two

See also HR Giger's Homage to Böcklin

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  1. I am of an age but I know Bocklin's painting and I know Giger's homage yet I completely missed Ridley Scott's reference in Alien Covenant. Luckily for me, my savvy son did not!