"The Treasures of Satan" trail through the 1920s

leading from

a) Otto Dix's "Skat Players- Card Playing War Invalids" (1920)
Roughly Delville's composition has been transformed into the three invalids playing cards, with the spikes on the tentacles transformed into the newspapers behind. 

The sea weed tree on the right of Delville's painting has been transformed into a hat stand.

Otto Dix's "Skat Players- Card Playing War Invalids" (1920)
b) Max Ernst's Celebes (1921)
In this series, Celebes, has gone to Delville's undersea underworld and near enough transformed Satan into an elephantine strange vacuum cleaner like submarine inspired by an African storage vessel.  Perhaps too he thought about Otto Dix's painting as well

Like Treasures of Satan, Celebes takes place in an under water world, is dominated by a monstrous form.

The Satan's wing tentacles have transformed into a trunk, and the front pointed parts have transformed into perhaps the tusks or the bulls horns or both.

The tree like growth Delville's work on the right becomes this strange cactus like form, perhaps echoing the hat stand from Dix's Skat Players.

Only one of the ensnared naked people remain but standing and without a head.

The feet of the elephantine creature perhaps echo the leg stumps of the central Skat player from Dix's painting.

Max Ernst's Celebes (1921)
c) E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929)

E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929)

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