E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929) references the Papyrus of Ani's Henu Barque?

Leading from

E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929)
Henu Barque from Papyrus of Ani
black and white image of the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani 
(source: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, The British Museum Press)

oryx and bull horns transform into opposing had, kestrel head turns into man's nose

Pillar frame turns into pipes and rudders turn into stairway ladder.

Black hair wig turns into curled up cat

See also: "A surrealist family has the neighbors in to tea" - Cartoon from the New Yorker 2nd January 1937 by Carl Rose references E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter"?

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