Alien: Gorilla with bandaged arm image from Tintin And The Black Island is referenced in Ron Cobb's painting of the Alien?

a) Realisation on 29th August 2017: In the story, a myth about a man eating beast dwells on the black island and it turns out to be an ape that the criminals use to protect the castle where their money forging is taking place.

b) This beast that runs around the corridors of the castle becomes one of the early points of reference for Dan O'Bannon's Alien and for Ron Cobb to use as visual reference from one illustration reversed in his illustration to sell Dan O'Bannon's script.

comic book image reversed with Ron Cobb painting below

c) The tied together ends of the sling become the alien's raised claw.
The right part of the sling becomes the two antennae.

The right part become becomes the raised left arm. 
The speech window becomes a window behind the creature.

d) Milou/Snowy the dog become the far left leg, while the apes legs with the bent knees become the other visible legs.

e) Either one of Thompson and  Thomson become the crew member seen from behind.

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