Alien:Covenant - David's Lab - mutated Neo/Xenoalien head

leading from 

(source: 24th October 2018)

  • Odd Studios: Alien: Covenant. Neo/Xeno hybrid piece for David’s Lab. Sculpture by Adam Johansen @adman855 Creature effects by Odd Studio and Creatures Inc. Odd Creatures (source: 24th October 2018)

Source :
  • Odd Studios: Alien:Covenant. David's Lab. This piece designed by Adam Johansen.A mutated Xeno/Neo. Sculpted by Adam & Bradley Simmons and painted finished by Emily James. (Source:, 4th December 2017)

Front view of the deformed Alien head in David's lab set in Alien Covenant (source:
View from front left of the deformed alien head in David's lab set in Alien Covenant. (source:

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