Herge's Unicorn Shipwreck references Dali's The Painter's Eye (1942) ?

leading from

Shipwreck from "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackam's Treasure"

a) Herge's Unicorn Shipwreck also echoes Dali's The Painter's Eye (1942) ?   

If so, Dali's composition was reversed, the giant humanoid building with clock face as well as the car becomes the jellyfish.

The eyelashes and the hairpins become the ship with rigging. .

The car also helps to form the shape of the upper part of the ship

Dali's "The Painter's Eye" reversed and Herge's Unicorn shipwreck

b) The broken trunk of the tree becomes the broken mast of the ship while the tree also becomes the tendril like sea plants.

Perhaps the midgets in the tree become the fish.

The building by the poplar trees becomes the diving helmet but on could also say that the great eye becomes the diving helmet as well with eyelashes become his air pipe and rope.

Salvador Dali's "The Painters Eye" (1942)

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