HR Giger's Mordor I

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"Male member, elongated limbs and corpse crucifixion pose in dark cutaway space. Other forms yet to be worked out."

Mordor I (1975) by HR Giger (work 277)
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Mordor I (1975) by HR Giger (work 277)

a) Spear of Destiny revelation on 30th December 2017  pt1

That day words formed in my head "Spear of Destiny", and I thought "Oh no, not that thing".

I had read the book The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, first printed in 1872 but then again the thing is a relic to be found even if its origins are uncertain.

I suppose the book left me wondering for a while, and it could have been something for Giger to have conversations about with people he knew. 

I had thoughts about how this artifact was made up of pieces connecting together, and I started to think about how "Mordor I" had parts that looked as if they were fitted together.

Then I saw the similarity in the shape of the sheath on the spear head and the upper part of the phallic shape in Giger's painting.

I assumed that there had better be more than that, then I started to notice loose similarities from an old engraving and other similar details from the accompanying engraving References illustration showing the Spear of Destiny published in the 19th Century.

(Grafik aus dem Klebeband Nr. 16 („Leichbegängnisse“) der Fürstlich Waldeckschen Hofbibliothek Arolsen)

sheath and male member

cross and cutaway space

frame decorations for words and upper creature

b)  Spear of Destiny revelation on 30th December 2017  pt2

(Grafik aus dem Klebeband Nr. 16 („Leichbegängnisse“) der Fürstlich Waldeckschen Hofbibliothek Arolsen)

shine on the lower crown and the tip of the male member

shadowy crown detail and corpse in a cutaway space

Globus cruciger with sleeve and glove and nameless organic comparisons


  1. I may be mistaken, but I believe I can discern the features of a foetal or a child's skull on the glans of the male member.

    1. Well, there might be a suggestion of a face, perhaps some sort of distortion to purposely fire of those "pareidolic" experiences even, and then one might require a much more detailed photo to see what is happening there which does seem to be a problem with the presence of some of these paintings on the internet. But one can be aware that there is some sort of distortion there.