Superman Lives: SylvainDespretz' biomechanic skullship borrows elements from life support machine from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira?

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a) 21st December 2017, I had another realisation about this picture the other day. I think that someone involved in the art department was interested in the Akira manga and anime, and I think it shows in another one of Sylvain Despretz skullships, but I had this Skullship next to the image of some sort of a life support machine from the manga and I noticed a connection. The manga image contains a block number 37 with a curving blue pipe beneath it on the upper left that looks as if it's been translated into the skull ship as an eye socket with a rectangular window and then further down on the left is a box with a glass screen on the side, and I think that this turned into the idea of the rectangular window, and this certain manga image of course came to me as one of these secret Henu Barques that Katsuhiro Otomo incorporated into the Akira manga. 

b) The details relating to the eye placed in a row

c) In Otomo's drawing there appear to be panels on the lower right sticking out in messy irregular conflicting directions and I'm looking at how Despretz's pipework for the engine is a mad tangle.

d) Other similarities to point out might be the way that in Otomo's illustration there are two large sloping pipes on the upper right and there's a large sloping pipe on the upper right of the skullship.

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