Total Recall: D & M pyramid

leading from
The mysterious mountain as seen from afar in Total Recall

  1. Ron Gerbron: Remember in the, speaking of movies, remember in Total Recall, at the end, when they start up those machines

    Richard Hoagland: Yup

    Ron Gerbron: Under the uh, um, the mountain there. Uh, could something like that conceivably, er, assuming something like that actually happened with or without a schwarzenegger

    Richard Hoagland: (laughter) Remember, remember, I had a source at Fox, you know twentieth century Fox that did this. They told me they stole that plot directly from The Monuments of Mars, my book. That was the D&M , that was the D&M pyramid

    Ron Gerbron: Oh, it was definitely the D&M pyramid, they drove past it on a train as I remember

    Richard Hoagland:Yes (The Other Side of Midnight  (See: 2:51:20 at tne end of the podcast of the show) See:  2021/09/26 – EM Imaging Team – How, What’s Waiting on the Moon (and Mars) — via “The Second Age of Space” — Will Literally Save Humanity …. – The Other Side of Midnight)

The "D&M Pyramid" landform, Cydonia, Mars

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