Poster for "Yardie" references “The Poetry of America” (1943) by Salvador Dali and AM Cassandre's Wagons Lits Cook poster (1933)?

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a) References “The Poetry of America” (1943) by Salvador Dali?
a.i) August 29th 2018, as if the poster wanted to unleash its secrets, it

Dali's painting appears to have a suggestion about America's relationship with Africa, especially because of a soft map of Africa hanging from the clock in the back.

I understand that the background of the Yardie poster can be found with a few other colours but this background colour caught my eye and it's not really the issue here.

a.ii) Two images side by side, with the illustration from the Yardie poster enlarged trimming off much of the blank background.

a.iii) The rear of the seated naked youth on the left becomes the profile of the man's beard.

a.iv) The left part of the upper arch of the picture becomes the right half of a vinyl record disc, with the landscape on the horizon transforming into the landscape halfway through the vinyk record and the blue shirt of the right figure becomes the river in the landscape.

a.v) Going back to the parts that transform into the woman, a strand of cloth hands from The black blob becomes the dark striped suit and shirt of the armed man. The left of the white cloth becomes the trousers of the man on the left along while the upper left corner becomes his arm on the left, while the right side of the white cloth becomes the machine gun and the hand of the man that's holding it . The gap between the red cover upper legs becomes the gap between the tower block and the woman's head. The red covered legs might as well also become the woman's head and clothes The light reflecting on the melting coca-cola bottle might as well be the light coming from the sun behind the tower block. With that, the chord banging from the leg on the left becomes the centre of the dark striped suit and the chord hanging from the shoe of that raised foot becomes the centre line going down the woman's dress and he shoe perhaps becomes her left lapel.

b) References AM Cassandre's Wagons Lits Cook poster (1933)? 

b.i) On August 30th 2018, I also had the thought that it referenced this poster by the artists AM Cassandre which is one of those posters that I think has been referenced by other artists in an interesting way around that time. It's all a bit savage to assume that I should have any clue about it but Cassandre was a leading name in good poster design and this poster artist for Yardie ought to have taken note of it without much trouble. 

b.ii) The two posters side by side. Both display the idea of vertical divisions and something of a small scale down on the lower right.

b.iii)  Wagons Lits Cook poster in reverse in comparison to the Yardie poster.

The work is divided into two colours transforms into the half of a vinyl record, and here the cloud on the left of Wagons Lits Cook seems to float into the centre be become the Yardie title.

The arms of the workers with the raised hats becomes the vinyl record on the other side, and in relation to that the man with the suitcase becomes the face with the beard on the left, and so the legs of the workers become the small figures on the right. .

The blue side of one of the workers's uniforms also would become the river in the background on the left, as if the figure in the Dali painting wearing the blue top and this together set off the idea.

b.iv) The white man with the suitcase, body become the group of small figures, while the grid patterns along his body, generally the ones on his upper body, become the tower blocks. Thinking about the position of the line of buttons of the giant figure of the worker, perhaps a button also becomes the sun in the distance.

b.v) Another way to look at the connection with the blue river also is to look at the central brown face of the worker being the face of the man above the Yardie title and the river going up between the two areas of land being the man's glasses turned into the landforms either side of the river and his nose and mouth being transformed into the river, as if that represented also the face of the part blue Wagons Lits Cook worker.

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