21st century works inspired by the Henu Barque?

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a) "Le Maior découvre le rêve 173" (This image was revealed in 2012) 
A drawing by Jean Giraud A.K.A "Moebius" titled "Le Maior découvre le rêve 173" displayed  on his funeral invitation that appears to echo the idea of The Space Jockey in his seat in the form of a human face resting on a high shoe heel, and maybe the oars of the Henu Barque have become holders for the stick of substance with thread on the side. 

  • The Henu Barque?
"Le Maior découvre le rêve 173"

b) Jzy Tilos' "The Nature of My Creatures" 
Whether Jzy Tilos  (source: Fantastic Art of Facebook) meant to create a picture which showed something reminiscent of the Henu Barque or not,  the thing has crept into this bizarrely imaginative painting, with the white areas between the antelope head and three vertical beams of frame holding the Barque being transformed into humans , the horizontal rod is turned into a selfi stick, and the three vertical beams have transformed into a row of pipes at the bottom. Perhaps the flat of skin beneath the reptile head from the lower right materialised from the space between the crouched man in the right corner's white clothing and the box holding the frame. (Painting published on Facebook 26th October, 2016)

  • The Henu Barque?

Jzy Tilos' "The Nature of My Creatures"

Henu Barque from Papyrus of Ani and Jzy Tilos - "The Nature of My Creatures"
c)   Alien Covenant : "Baby Neomorph spine out," concept art (2016) by Stephane Levallois  

  • Portrait of Emilio Terry by Salvador Dali?

d) Alien Covenant: Neomorph illustration by Stephane Levallois (2016)

  • Portrait of Emilio Terry by Salvador Dali?


e) Editorial illustration for Total Film (June 2018 edition) by Lizzy Thomas.

  • The Henu Barque?

f) Mondotees' RAISING ARIZONA poster by Andrew Kolb (Poster released July 11, 2018 )

  • Nativity icon from St Catherine's Monastery (7th Century)?

g) Poster for Yardie (Poster released Jun 28th, 2018) by Empire design

  • “The Poetry of America” (1943) by Salvador Dali?
  • "Wagons Lits Cook" poster (1933) by AM Cassandre?  


h) See: Poster for Mandy (Released 2018)

  • Jessica from The Illustrated Dune (1979) by John Schoenherr
  • Jorge Camacho's El sueño de Sancho (The dream of Sancho) (1978)


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