The Tourist VIII: Two aquatic aliens by HR Giger (work 496) references photograph of Argentina World Cup poster from The Radio Times for 31st May 1978?

leading from

Back in 1978, a cartoon mascot showed up in the posters for Argentina World Cup, known at the time as Gauchito. Sifting through the Radio Times, Giger would have found it interesting enough to look at and decide to make use of the shapes and forms in a painting. 

I saw the photo perhaps on the first day of June 2019 on Twitter , already dimly familiar with the character from the poster from over forty years before,  and realised, okay, there's another one that would have interested Giger who I decided bought the Radio Times, eager to reference the various images inside. On June 6th, I took a look again at The Tourist VIII image again and saw the connection.

d.ii) The whole page from the Radio Times

Source of image

d.iii) From the right of the poster, the ball becomes the smaller creatures body, the blue lines either side of the football in the lower designs become its flippers.

d.iv)  From the left of the poster, the torso of Gaughit becomes the torso of the left aquatic alien, with his arm becoming a flipper, the leg becoming the the body of another creature behind and the ball becoming the curved under side of the flipper and the curve of the upper side of the tail

d.v) The strap from Gauchito's hat becomes the aquatic alien's collar and his eye on the left becomes the lower indentation of where the neck bends

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