"Wir Klagen in Kreiser"(1937) by Sergei Eisenstein referenced in "Daddy Longlegs of the evening - Hope!" (1940) by Salvador Dali?

leading from




1)  "Daddy Longlegs of the evening Hope!"(1940) by Salvador Dali

2) "Wir Klagen in Kreiser" by Sergei Eisenstein 1937

3) Seated figure with wide open mouth becomes the cranium and eye of the sleeping face

4) Blanket over the man's shoulder becomes the cello

5) Seated figure with leg stretched out becomes the Cherub

6) Human with raised arms linked at the hands becomes the opening of the canon

7) The lower right circle becomes the bottom of the cello. One might notice how the figure there becomes the cello bow and the dark space to the left of it

8) Left circle becomes the flower petal like form

9) Leg of seated human in the left circle becomes the stamen

10) Angel wing remains as an angel wing

11) Top middle human becomes the front legs of the horse and the angel's body

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