Alien: Development of the Chestburster scene via The Pink Panther Strikes Again?

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a) In The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976), Chief Inspector Dreyfuss, with his desire to kill Clouseau awakened, takes over the flat/apartment beneath Clouseau's and start using a manual drill to create a hole in the ceiling through Clouseau's floor so get his periscope through to spy on Clouseau.

In one instance, Clouseau has pulled open his refrigerator, the bottle of tomato ketchup falls out and breaks open on the floor.

The drill tip erupts through the floor, it's covered in ketchup and pours through the hole in the floor splattering Dreyfuss' face.

In terms of the The Pink Panther Strikes Again , this would become the chest burster scene with the scene while Clouseau tries to revive Dreyfuss is the facehugger scene. 

b) Ridley Scott's early storyboards for Alien showing the character Kane being after the chestbursting

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