Alien: Storyboard showing spacejockey skeleton imbedded in the rock (1978) by Ridley Scott for Alien references cover for The Pink Panther  #13 (July 1973)

leading from

a) Alien:scene 56 ext.planet ridleygram for Alien "They move off: we see a skeleton" (1978)

b) References cover for The Pink Panther #13 comic book (July 1973) (which I believe references "Saturn devouring his son" (1819–1823) by Francisco Goya) ?

c) The two side by side. I'll off some comparisons but I don't really think that much of them, but its as if despite the fact that I can feel some similarity between the two, there isn't much to offer because the two look so dissimilar.

d) The two seemingly most comparable areas.

e) Does the lower hamburger becomes the left astronaut?

f) With that the inspector becomes the impression of the space jockey skeleton in the rock. The suggestion is that the inspector's eye becomes the face of this fossil.

g) The van generally becomes the rock around the skeleton. This is probably the first thing that I picked up upon because ideally it had to look like something related to one of the Pink Panther covers and I had worked out something about the cover already being related to Goya's "Saturn devouring his son"

h) The pink panther's eye becomes the visor on the helmet like rock

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